Creator takes a significant leap towards new landscape in 2022

Creator - Top 50 Blockchain-as-a-Service platform and a rising star in the blockchain industry - scales up with new initiatives to soar to new heights in the blockchain industry.

Creator, a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that provides full-fit services to empower the DeFi and NFT world, is gearing up with moves towards greater integration to expand its reach and bring more value to its users. The platform is building multiple products and services that can reach more users and offer exciting rewards to its holders in the long run.

As almost six months have passed since the publication of Creator's entire landscape, it is critical for the project to promptly reflect and adjust the roadmap to meet the Product-Market Fit concept and requirements for sustainable development. While its direction has changed, the Creator Platform's long-term vision and mission stay the same. The market may experience upswing and downswing trends as it is. However, the team behind Creator is determined to be built to last and to capture the intrinsic value of the blockchain ecosystem. Let's dive into some important product updates of Creator.

Koi Innovation - a platform built by $CTR holders, for $CTR holders

KoiStarter is a cutting-edge and secure launchpad and a priority of the Creator Platform as a core product. Since the beginning, KoiStarter has made significant breakthroughs with 16 projects launched thus far, namely DoragonLand, Dot Arcade, Ftribe Fighters, Vulture Peak, and Metaxy, and the total fundraising up to 1 million USD, attracting thousands of users globally. KoiStarter provides a safer platform for $CTR holders, allowing them to participate in promising public sales at a lower price before they hit the market and reap the rewards from staking.

After four months of operation, while some projects deliver impressive performance at launch, some seem to lag, and here's why. Most blockchain startups in the industry are led by people who have minimal experience managing a business in the long run to drive growth. This results in the lack of experience in devising proper and effective business development, operations, marketing, and communication plans.

Understanding the constraints of investors and new projects, the Creator team decided to deploy the Koi Innovation, an advanced product of KoiStarter. Koi Innovation is expected to fill a pent-up need for entrepreneurs to bring mass adoption of crypto and innovation in the greater blockchain ecosystem.

The team believe that this product could extend the abilities of KoiStarterand bring benefits to all parties as following:

For $CTR holders:

  • At the first time, $CTR holders can participate in the lower fundraising rounds of early-stage projects (seed or private rounds).
  • Since they’re on the same board with other early birds, they can raise their voices, feedback and other approaches to make projects stronger.
  • Any members in the loop also can bring up other projects on the table. Then we will work as a team to evaluate those candidates and decide on investing in them or not.

For Projects:

  • Participating projects can gain access to dedicated resources, industry exposure, valuable networks and mentorship from KoiStarter community.
  • Focus on quality projects, Koi Innovation supports every project in terms of marketing with various events, KOLs, influencers, Venture Capital, exchanges, agencies, and that would get their names shine among  the huge number of global followers.

For VCs, influencers and partners of KoiStarter:

  • VC managers can save time reviewing thousands of projects to determine growth potential.
  • Support Kols/ VCs/ partners expand their connection with quality and potentials projects

Additionally, on Koi Innovation, the CTR holders are allowed to select potential projects. Investors can participate and make suggestions in decisions affecting the development of the project. At the same time, they can also participate in angel round, seed round or private round on Koi Innovation. Participating projects will gain access to substantial resources, industry exposure, valuable networks, and top-level mentorship.

In other words, Koi Innovation is built by and for $CTR holders. This platform will help shape and define potential projects, thus allowing future industry key players to develop and find their product-market fit in the global blockchain landscape.

Having a loyal and organic community across all digital channels, Creator decided to strengthen its ecosystem and better incentivize its holders by expanding to a new crypto-hub service called is an application that provides original coverage of blockchain and cryptocurrency news, ranging from insights, research, and events webinars in the ever-growing blockchain, crypto, and DeFi space. This platform will enable users to absorb knowledge better and selectively acquire information before making decisions on project investments.

Creator strives to create an influential, trusted information platform targeted towards a global blockchain and crypto community. is expected to become one of the core arms of Creator's ecosystem to help the general public navigate the robust and dynamic nature of the digital space by understanding and embracing disruptive technologies. This integrated platform will propel Creator, creating a sustainable ecosystem for all users.

NFT Marketplace

Creator is still on track with its central principles of developing and perfecting a multifaceted ecosystem to open the door for users to enter the NFT Marketplace more effortlessly and economically. Creator’s NFT Marketplace aims to display the creatives, collectibles, or any other forms of digital assets and empower everyone to create their own NFTs by completing a simple form with no setup or coding required. Holders can use $CTR to buy NFT creations, which are interchangeable for loyalty points, vouchers, gifts, or parachain rewards.

No Code Smart Contract

Besides new phases to the new landscape, the initial mission of Creator Chain is maintained to provide full-fit BaaS packages for various projects, from game, DeFi to Marketplace and general businesses.

From the beginning, the Creator Chain Network has put forward an ambitious project with great potential and remains committed to building and delivering authentic products and services with actual intrinsic value. The release of new integrated platforms and upgrades in initial products will likely prove instrumental in fulfilling Creator's vision and long-term growth plans. To keep up to date with the project’s latest developments, you can follow them on their website, telegram, and medium pages.

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