Crypterium conducts promotion on its third anniversary of the project; A high-yield CRPT deposit with 21% Annually

Crypto card processing fintech company; Crypterium kicks off this holiday season with a limited promotion designed to bring prosperity to all new customers. Everyone signing up in the upcoming weeks will have the opportunity to open a CRPT savings account that pays an ultra-high annual yield of 21%.

This is according to a press release seen earlier this week. The reward seems to be in the spirit of the Christmas holiday and should raise awareness of the platform’s high yield savings account that will earn users a 21% interest annually, twice as much as any other platform offers within the crypto market for the same product.

The high yield savings account is a way for Crypterium to help interested users grow their funds faster, albeit less risky. Therefore, it’s for anyone who has some extra money and would love to experience boosted interest earnings by opening a savings account on the platform. And you don’t have to worry about losing your funds since the platform employs top-notch measures to protect user assets, including 3-layer security, anti-fraud protocol, and BitGo insures it.

If you are a new registered useruse the Crypterium ecosystem, you can participate in the promotion where you stand to earn up to 21% interest annually, that is paid monthly. The promotion will start on December 29, 2020. All CRPT deposits will be capped at 2000 CRPT per user. This activity is valid until January 11, 2021, or until the total deposit amount of 8,400,000 CRPT is reached.

Growing Popularity

Crypterium has been lauded as a leading global fintech startup that offers transparency and efficiency to everyday digital asset finances and for its efforts to decentralize financial services through a simple yet powerful all-in-one fintech solution that helps manage various digital assets at any time from anywhere.

The platform has made it easy to use cryptocurrencies just like cash through market-leading products and services, starting with the Crypterium Visa Card that enables the holder to pay instantly in crypto or fiat to over 42 million retailers around the globe and even withdraw at various ATMs. Then there is the Crypterium wallet, which serves as a one-stop solution designed to simplify digital asset management. Among the things that you can do using the wallet include buying, sending, storing, exchanging, spending, and cashing out digital assets on the go.

Today the wallet and the visa card boast over 350,000 users around the globe, and the startup hopes that number will grow to over 5 million users in the next few years as more people seek to connect their digital assets with traditional finance. This shows the popularity of Crypterium, which spreads to over 170 nations, and it’s still growing as the company works on becoming one of the leading crypto startups around the globe.

In a recent report that reviews how the company performed this year, the involved stakeholders seem quite satisfied with the platform’s progress even though there is a slight disappointment the price of CRPT didn’t reflect the developments. CRPT serves as a utility token on the Crypterium ecosystem, where it is used to pay network fees and meet other network service needs. CRPT managed to achieve its highest price for the year back in May when it traded at $0.58. Since then, the token has experienced a slight decline.

Positive Developments

However, the one positive takeaway was that the token was steadily developing together with the platform’s ecosystem.

Crypterium managed to create 15 different products and services that had a transaction volume of over 100 million euros in total. Additionally, the platform’s wallet was updated with the new unlimited features, and to make it unique to its users; its limits were lowered.

Additional changes included adding new tokens, cashout improvements, cross pair exchanges, coupled with excellent features like the savings account that earns users interest and AI price prediction tool.

The platform also launched Crypterium Virtual Visa Card, the first-ever crypto to fiat payment card that is compatible with Apple Pay. And made a strategic partnership with FreeTON Blockchain.

Users of the platform will also be pleased to know that the startup managed to increase its revenue by sticking to its principle of being an all in one fintech solution that helps individuals manage their digital assets. Moving forward, the company plans to scale its business operations to attain an operating profit.

Back in October, Crypterium was forced to conduct a token swap after KUCoin, one of the exchanges that supported the CRPT tokens was breached, and assets worth over $281 million were stolen. Among the stolen tokens were BTC, ETH, XLM, USDT, BSV, LTC, and CRPT.

Luckily the thieves were inexperienced hackers that tried to move the tokens to other exchanges and DeFi protocols that detected and froze the tokens. In total, there were 10 million CRPT tokens that were affected, and the swap to a new smart contract was necessary to boost their security.

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