Crypterium offers 0% apr USDT loans to app users on flexible terms

Crypterium is offering its app users fixed USDT loans with a 0% apr. Users will have to pay no interest on the loans, and there are no fixed repayment periods. Users can obtain a loan of up to 50% of the value of the BTC or ETH that is used as collateral.

Steve Parker, the Chief Executive Officer at Crypterium, said in the press release:

“Here at Crypterium, we believe that digital currency represents the future, that’s why we are consistently working on making the Crypterium App more convenient for our users. We launched the Crypto Loans service for people that have investments in BTC or ETH to take out loans faster than ever.”

Crypto lending is likely to be the next major area of crypto development, as the established financial system is effectively broken. Crypterium is an early mover in the space that has attracted talented people that can fully leverage the potential of the technology. With the banking system all but closed for anyone that isn't wealthy, there will be new opportunities in crypto lending, especially because stablecoins can be used to eliminate any exchange rate risk between fiat currency and crypto. Look for more interest in how to bridge the gap between the real economy and crypto as people become desperate for access to credit on reasonable terms.

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