Crypterium Offers 21% APR Interest Through the CRPT Savings Account

New Crypterium users will be delighted to hear that some CRPT is coming their way. Everyone signing up in the upcoming weeks will have the opportunity to open a CRPT savings account that pays an ultra-high annual yield of 21%.

Crypterium Blows Out Three Candles

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are familiar with the ICO industry. During 2017 and early 2018, enthusiasts invested billions of dollars in these Initial Coin Offerings. Very few projects are still around today, either due to bad management or a lack of business sense. Crypterium is one of the few projects that still exists today and is now entering its third year of existence.

To celebrate this joyous event, the team will give all new Crypterium users a chance to earn 21% annually through a high-yield savings account. All CRPT deposits will be capped at 2000 CRPT per user. This activity is valid until January 11, 2021, or until the total deposit amount of 8,400,000 CRPT is reached. Being able to earn this higher rate of interest is possible thanks to 2.1 million CRPT tokens allocated to this event.

The new earning rate is twice as high as the average market rate. For those who hold CRPT in their portfolio already, this method can yield some extra cash. The savings account technology is protected by three layers of security, anti-fraud, and insurance by BitGo. Anyone who is a part of the Crypterium ecosystem can participate in this promotion, which will begin on December 29th, 2020.

Those who follow the cryptocurrency industry will know CRPT has a market cap of over $17 million. That is more than acceptable for an ICO project. The token exists to be a fee payment solution and serves as a utility rather than a theoretical value.

The Crypterium Story So Far

To this date, Crypterium positions itself as the world's leading crypto bank. During the ICO, conducted in 2017, the team successfully raised enough money to end the token sale ahead of time. Moreover, Crypterium has received a letter from Blockchain law Group, confirming the team's ICO was fully compliant and met all legislative requirements.

As a global fintech startup, bringing transparency and efficiency to digital asset finances remains the number one priority. Digital assets are becoming more popular, yet one-stop management solutions often leave to be desired. Crypterium offers a suite of services and products to make this process more straightforward.

Over the past two years, Crypterium has proven to be a successful venture. Its crypto-to-fiat payment card is currently available in more than 180 countries. It supports contactless payments, making the spending of cryptocurrency assets as easy as using a traditional Visa card. Owners of the card can pay at more than 42 million retailers and make global ATM withdrawals.

The Crypterium Virtual Visa Card, which has been introduced not that long ago, supports Apple Pay functionality. This is another crucial milestone to make cryptocurrencies more appealing to mainstream users. Launching this card has boosted this ecosystem's overall adoption, which is used by over 50,000 people worldwide.

Crypterium Wallet And Other Native Products

As a project with a crypto asset, Crypterium provides its wallet to users. This one-stop solution simplifies the management of digital assets through a single-access solution. It is possible to store, send, receive, and exchange digital assets on the go. Combined with the Visa Card - either physical or digital - it creates an all-encompassing digital asset solution.

New features are added to the Crypterium wallet over time. The Crypterium team wants to make this tool accessible and unique for all users. Several other tokens are supported, as well as cross-pair exchanges and AI Price Predictions. Some of these features allow users to earn interest on their assets.

Looking Toward The Future

The current plan for Crypterium is to enhance its core product and its development further. This will allow the Crypterium team to scale its business operations and global reach further. Although the company nets a substantial increase in revenue throughout 2020, there is always the option to push ahead.

Figures-wise, Crypterium notes the growth of 15 different products and services as part of its overall ecosystem. All together, these tools generated over 100 million euros in overall transaction volume.


Even though the year 2020 overflows with many different challenges, the cryptocurrency industry never sleeps. Projects such as Crypterium show it is always a good time to introduce new features, products, and services capable of serving thousands of users' needs.

As the year 2021 is around the corner, the cryptocurrency industry continues to fire on all cylinders. Bitcoin keeps noting new all-time highs, which often bodes well for other crypto assets on the market. Providing the necessary building blocks will introduce more users to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Crypterium, and many others.

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