Crypto Assassin NFT Grants Special Access to the Brotherhood for Early Access to Upcoming Blockchain Projects

Crypto Assassin NFT Grants Special Access to the Brotherhood for Early Access to Upcoming Blockchain Projects
Photo by Zoltan Tasi / Unsplash

With hundreds of thousands of crypto projects active today and many more to come over the years, finding the next golden egg has become tedious. It was easier back in the days when there were only a few projects announced but this has changed. Today, the name of the game is to get information on new projects earlier than others to gain that competitive edge.

Crypto Assassins is a platform that intends to change all of this.

Welcome to the Brotherhood

Just like the ancient assassins who lurked in the shadows to make stealthy moves that shaped the face of nations, Crypto Assassins is a group of people that grant elite access to a select few in their ranks.

The members of the Crypto Assassins are welcomed in the tight-knit group called the Brotherhood, a Discord channel reserved only for them. Here, assassins get to meet the big players in the game. These players and whales who have the knowledge of the most promising upcoming projects will share these with their brothers in arms, who in turn can use this information to their advantage and get in the game earlier than the public.

This means that Crypto Assassin users will be able to get newly launched cryptocurrencies and NFTs at better prices, with the decision to take profits and wait for the next project or holding on for long term price discoveries. In both cases, they will win.

Assassins NFTs

Entry into the Brotherhood is not for everyone, but only those who can prove their loyalty to the group. This is made through the Assassins NFT, a limited collection of unique tokens that must be held and proved to the Discord channel admin and bots before being allowed in.

There will be only 8,888 different Assassin NFTs with 375 unique attributes, making more than 6 million possible combinations. To make the game interesting, the Brotherhood is split into 5 factions, each with its own whales and big players who can identify crucial entry points for new crypto and NFT projects.

The Brotherhood is further divided into 2 groups, an ordinary level, and an elite. If you hold even a single Assassins NFT, you gain access to the normal group chat, while a minimum of 10 NFTs must be proved to be let into the elite club. While the information in the two levels will be the same to give everyone equal opportunity, the elites will have earlier access, followed by the ordinary level.

Even if you aren’t at the elite level, you still are at a great advantage since you are in the game far earlier than the public.

Secure and Solana Based

The Crypto Assassins NFTs are based on the Solana network, providing far better security, speed, and efficiency than competitor networks. Apart from leveraging the safety features of Solana, the Brotherhood will only allow information on projects that come from verifiable and reputable sources. There is no paid promotion allowed or any kind of soliciting, thereby eliminating any chance of manipulation for personal gains. In the Brotherhood, all assassins are equal.

The Brotherhood will begin with a presale of 150 Assassins NFTs, initiation of the best of the best into the organization. Following the presale will be its main sale and the rest of the NFTs will be made public and sold on a first-come first-served basis. When the private Discord channel is active for the members, they will need to verify their NFT holdings through the Grape Protocol and finally be granted access into the fold.

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