Crypto exchange Coinsquare appoints new board members

Following the confirmation of new CEO, CCO, and COO addition in August of this year, crypto exchange Coinsquare announced the election of two new members to its Board of Directors. In a press release made Wednesday, the exchange said Nicholas Thadaney and Wendy Rudd have been appointed to its board. Thadaney and Rudd have a solid background working in the digital asset space. Thadaney is former President of the Toronto Stock Exchange while Rudd is currently a board member for the Canadian Regulatory Technology Association.

The latest additions follow a major leadership transition in the middle of the year. Chef Cole Diamond and Chief Enforcement Officer Felix Mazer resigned after an arrangement was struck with the Ontario Securities Commission and OSC, in July. After accusations of wash trading, the three execs were banned from resuming any management role at Coinsquare for 1 to 3 years.

The exchange confirmed the transition in August, with Stacey Hoisak as Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence Truong as Chief Compliance Officer, and Eric Richmond as Chief Operating Officer. The exchange also announced that it agreed to manage a regulated market for digital assets in Canada with the OSC.

Hoisak commented,

The measures we have taken are in strict adherence to regulatory requirements and demonstrate Coinsquare’s strengthened commitment to our clients, employees, shareholders, and the digital asset community...Our goal is to create a customer-centric safe place for Canadians to trade digital assets.”

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