Crypto Exchange Kraken Considers Offering Stock Trading

Kraken's potential expansion into stock trading could shake up the finance industry and bolster crypto adoption, but regulatory hurdles remain.

San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is exploring the possibility of expanding into stock and exchange-traded fund (ETF) trading in the U.S. and U.K. as early as 2024, according to a Bloomberg report published Wednesday that cited an anonymous source familiar with the matter.

If Kraken takes the leap into stock trading, it would become the first major cryptocurrency exchange to offer stocks alongside digital assets. Could Kraken's move potentially revolutionize finance by bridging the gap between the old and new worlds of investing? Or does regulatory red tape stand in the way of this financial frontier?

The News

  • Kraken has created a new division called Kraken Securities that has already obtained regulatory approval to offer stocks in the U.K., per the report.
  • Kraken Securities is still working to get regulatory approval in the U.S. before it can expand its stock trading there.
  • Previously, the now-bankrupt FTX US exchange offered stock trading before shutting down.
  • Kraken declined to comment directly on the rumors of stock trading.


If executed properly, Kraken's potential expansion into stock trading could be a win-win by offering clients a centralized platform for both crypto and equities while boosting mainstream adoption of digital assets. However, stringent regulations remain a major obstacle. Kraken will need to rigorously vet its stock trading offerings to avoid a crackdown like the recent FTX fiasco. Still, more bridges between the old and new in finance would likely stimulate fruitful innovation.


By allowing seamless trading between cryptocurrencies and stocks, Kraken could boost adoption of decentralized digital assets and innovations like DeFi. Direct access to decentralized alternatives could help mitigate risks, as traditional equities can fail spectacularly, as seen by FTX's spectacular collapse despite its previous status as a darling of mainstream finance.


If Kraken can successfully navigate complex regulatory approvals, its stock trading services could thrive by attracting clients eager to conveniently access both equities and cryptocurrencies. However, overcoming regulatory hurdles both in the U.S. and abroad may prove challenging. Rivals like Robinhood and Wealthsimple may also ramp up crypto offerings to compete. But Kraken's credibility and security could give it an edge among crypto-focused clients.

Historical Parallels

Kraken's potential move mirrors past convergence between old and new in finance, like online brokerage disruptors in the 1990s and 2000s combining automated, web-based trading with traditional assets. It also parallels how PayPal bridged e-commerce and banking. If successful, Kraken could play a similar role in ushering cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.


How could Kraken offering stocks impact crypto adoption?

Kraken offering stock trading alongside cryptocurrency could significantly boost crypto adoption by providing a seamless gateway between old and new in investing. Allowing users to conveniently trade top equities and major cryptocurrencies in one place with a single account could make digital assets seem less foreign and risky to mainstream investors. Direct access to decentralized alternatives like DeFi could also mitigate risks from failures like FTX that tarnish traditional finance. Still, Kraken would need to rigorously vet its stock offerings to avoid regulatory pitfalls.

What risks does Kraken face in expanding into stocks?

While potentially transformative, Kraken's expansion into stock trading faces major regulatory risks that could thwart its ambitions if not carefully managed. As witnessed by the FTX blowup, regulators are cracking down on crypto more than ever, so Kraken will need to fastidiously adhere to rules and vet stock offerings to avoid fines or other penalties. Geopolitical and jurisdictional complexities around financial regulations also pose challenges for a global crypto exchange. And competition from mainstream brokerages adding crypto could be fierce. But Kraken's security and credibility with crypto users could give it an advantage if it can overcome regulatory hurdles.

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