Crypto-Minded Blackcatcard Completes a Major Update

Crypto-Minded Blackcatcard Completes a Major Update

As Blackcatcard’s recent, game-changing update comes to a swift completion, it’s important to reflect on the whats, the whys and the hows. Indeed, this major, global update of the integrated cryptocurrency service provided by DigiNord OÜ took place on 5th October, as well as updating the main user functions and focused on revamping the existing system to improve the user experience, bolstering overall security and responding to the burning desires of the community. Let’s dive in to the update’s nitty gritty:

  • First of all, the currencies USDT (ERC-20) and USDT (TRC-20) have been added to the service, with a removal of USDT (TetherUS), BitcoinCash, Ripple CRP, Litecoin and Dash.
  • Secondly, Blackcatcard has implemented localisation on the client side. This means that the language chosen by the user will be the same for the mobile application and the desktop version. This update is made to improve the quality of the user experience when using the product.
  • Thirdly, a single user ID has been added so that in the event that a mobile phone number is lost, the account holder may continue to work with the service. On the corporate side, an account can be accessed by several proxies at once, which will prove to be incredibly useful.
  • Next, the crypto service has been sped up; transactions are now quicker and more convenient;
  • Security has been improved with additional biometric confirmation steps when purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies, be it internal or external;
  • New fields have been added to improve security and in order to comply with European cryptocurrency regulations, a secondary task for the company. Namely, the ‘Recipient Name’ field has been added for outbound external transactions, and the ‘Sender Name’ field has been added for the confirmation of incoming external transactions.
  • Lastly, a variety of small amendments to the platform’s code aim to smooth out the user experience from A-Z.

Blackcatcard has many customers who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, and this update takes major steps in making the platform accessible to them. Indeed, the improved stability of the service, familiarity and security has meant that the bridges to Web3 have never been clearer. Translation errors that were observed in test-versions of the platform have been thoroughly eliminated, while delayed ETH transactions and those taking place in currencies to be excluded from the final list are being completed and delivered to their final addresses. Already hailed as a modern-minded and licensed company, Blackcatcard adheres to all MSFA and GDPR regulations, making sure that its customers around the world are able to bank quickly, conveniently and stress-free.

For any questions regarding the new update and how this will affect the user flow, feel free to contact Blackcatcard’s 24/7 support via the in-app support function or via

About Blackcatcard

Blackcatcard is a neo-banking solution that aims to bring fintech services closer to European clients. Founded in 2019, Blackcatcard offers a physical and virtual Euro-denominated card that can be used for payments worldwide and can work with any ATM that accepts Mastercard. The electronic card can be used immediately after you set up and top up your account. Blackcatcard now offers a hot crypto wallet and an exchange for use by clients who are over the age of 18. Standard accounts can also be attained by those under the age of 18. Visit for more information.

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