Crypto VC firm Pluto scores major win barely two months after launch

Crypto VC firm Pluto scores major win barely two months after launch

Crypto VC and tech company Pluto has continued to hit new milestones despite being a newcomer in the industry. The latest win is a successful fundraising round, which brings the company’s total asset under management to over $50 million.

The company has been actively channeling funds to new tokens at the seed level, incubating projects, and taking equity positions in digital assets. On this note, Pluto will be announcing a $1 million Aquarid Booster to support the most innovative ideas in the decentralized space.

In its third and largest round to date, Pluto welcomed investments from the likes of Argo Blockchain PLC, Pires Investments, and Riverfort Global Opportunities, amongst others. In total, about $40 million was raised in the oversubscribed round, with Pluto having to scale back the demand to accommodate more investors.

Commenting on the recent development, Pluto’s Director and Pilot Atif Yaqub said:

We are over the moon with the success of this recent fundraise. Our diverse combination of investors from both crypto and non-crypto backgrounds makes this the most exciting fundraise to date. We’re already engaged with an epic constellation of projects in the digital assets space and look forward to propelling them to Pluto and beyond.

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