CryptoGames Review

Right when we thought our daily lives will take few more years to become entirely dependent on the power of the Internet, we get hit with a pandemic. Lives around the world have drastically changed and adapted to the new change bit by bit. This change has left a significant impact on our mediums for entertainment remarkably. What used to require our physical presence before now requires our electronic presence. Meaning, entertainment mediums like casinos have taken a step towards advancement and have decided to join the Internet.

Along with the physical casinos, we are now getting to enjoy a first-class casino experience from the comfort of our home. The decision to go online has benefited so many casino owners and new developers worldwide. The undeniable progression has helped many skilled players recognize their potential to achieve something more prominent in the wagering industry. However, as much as we appreciate the new revolution, we must accept that one cannot simply find a reliable online casino overnight.

This is why we are going to help you with out crypto casinos guide.

A Compact Introduction of CryptoGames:

CryptoGames is one of the online casino prevailing over the online gambling industry. The team behind CryptoGames has worked day and night to make it stand out as an invincible archrival in an ever-changing market.

CryptoGames is operating under MuchGaming B.V, which also happens to own the casino. The casino has emerged as the dominating crypto casino industry with lightning-fast transactions, availability of flexible cryptocurrencies, heavy-duty security systems, and so much more! CryptoGames has understood the assignment of fulfilling the customer's expectations since its formation, and it is safe to say that they keep getting better at it. From newcomers to grandmasters of the art of wagering, everyone here at CryptoGames agrees that one cannot find any other casino with such excellent value for their money! Meaning, for anyone who is even slightly interested in investing in the betting business, CryptoGames is the best place to start.

Get Started with a Casual Registration Process:

One of the most looked-for elements in any online gaming platform is the registration process. A slow and lengthy process can easily take away half of the charm the platform may offer. And lose the undivided attention of a new player. Keeping this in mind, CryptoGames has built one of the most uncomplicated registration system for its players. Their process allows users to directly start their wagering experience with the least amount of time spent for registration. Every user starts by creating a unique username for themselves upon entering the casino for the first time. This username will act as the gateway for the entire casino. With their unique usernames, the players will be able to check out any one of the games and features as per their wish. They will be able to play the games with their cryptocurrencies or by using the Play Money feature. However, it is strongly suggested that once they make their way through the casino, they set up an email address and a strong password to protect their accounts. The casino also recommends the players read the website's Terms of Service and Privacy policy to make sure they are well aware of the regulations.

Thoroughly Engaging Multitude of Old-school Games:

As opposed to many other crypto casinos on the Internet, CryptoGames has chosen a completely different route when it comes to its library of games. Their unique approach ensures players' satisfaction over anything else. All of the games that are being offered at CryptoGames provide the gamblers with guidelines that make the games easily comprehensible. Hence, instead of crowding the casino with overwhelmingly flashy games, the casino entertains its players with 8 simple old-school games. Although they remain true to their original concepts, these 8 games are well-crafted to meet the modern standard of casino games.

You will find these 8 gems at CryptoGames:

Dice, Roulette, Blackjack, Minesweeper, Slot, Video Poker, Plinko, and Lottery.

All of these games are developed to be extremely lightweight and accessible from any device regardless of the device's specifications.


One of the most well-known and beginner-friendly games in the world of fervent gambling is the game of Dice. CryptoGames offers a crypto version of the game with a favorable range of 0.000 to 99.999. The game has been built with simple and easy-to-understand rules. Players must predetermine the outcome of the Dice as they start to play. Their guess will be whether the outcome of their roll will be higher or lower than the predetermined number that they chose beforehand.

The user interface also provides an "Auto-Bet" feature that enables players to place their bets automatically. The feature can also be used to implement various strategies by adjusting the settings. The game also offers keyboard shortcuts for the players to enjoy faster gameplay.


This game is known to be one of the most lucrative games ever made in the casino industry. This is why almost all the films that feature a casino always have a scene showcasing a Roulette. Since it is a game that holds a lot of potential for newcomers, CryptoGames has done its very best to offer a standard version of it.

The casino hosts the "European" version of it, where the payout table is similar to its "American" version. In this game, users spin a wheel by pressing the spin button as a ball is thrown on the spinning wheel. The payout is calculated as per the Slot the ball lands into. All players must place their bets on the mat and choose the neighbor bets carefully before they begin the game.


Another trendy game is found in almost every casino scene in a movie. CryptoGames features a five-reel version of the highly famous casino game Slot. In this one, the reels spin continuously as soon as the player hits "Spin".

A win is declared only when five symbols line up in the middle of the slot machine. However, the payout table has a few unique winning combinations to help out the players' game plan. Meaning, if in case anyone lands an uncommon combination, then the payout will increase according to it.


Blackjack or 21 is the ultimate game of cards that holds the power to make or break an online casino. This might sound like an over-exaggeration to many, but to us, Blackjack is one of the classic casino games that you must curate delicately to include in your online library. So, when we found out the exquisite version of it in CryptoGames, we were ecstatic.

Like the original version, the main objective of the game is to win against the dealer. In this game, users can win by reaching 21 points from the first two cards or by scoring better points than the dealer without exceeding the number 21. And if the dealer exceeds 21 points at any time of the game, the player will instantly win. The remodeled version of the game comes with options to Double Down, Surrender, or Split. Players can choose from these options according to their strategies.


If you were born in the 90s era or simply love computer games diligently, Minesweeper is one of your old friends. This old-school game takes every player back to their younger days. As with the other games, Minesweeper also comes as a modern crypto version at CryptoGames.

For this game, the rules remain the same as the classic versions. Minesweeper features a field of mines that users need to clear out (as the name suggests). Players must carry out their mission carefully without landing on any of the mines. The payout amount increases with the number of mines cleared. Players can also adjust the ratio of the profits by raising the difficulty level of the game.


The once televised game of Plinko has become one of the widely played casino games in the world. The game is mainly favored for its simplistic rules and the on-the-spot thrill it gives out to its players. In Plinko, users are to drop the ball from the top of a pegged pyramid and watch it bounce its way down towards a payout slot.

The objective of the game is fulfilled when the ball reaches any of the slots at the bottom of the pyramid. All players are required to set a bet amount of their preference and choose a color (Green, Blue, Red, Yellow) for the ball they wish to play with. All of the payouts for the game of Plinko are based on the color of the ball chosen by the player and the value of the Slot into which the ball bounces.

Video Poker:

With an almost similar concept as the game Poker, CryptoGames has formed its very own modern version of Video poker.

The casino is offering an extremely rich payout for Video Poker along with its three versions. These three different versions of video poker ( Bonus Poker, Tens or Better, and Jacks or Better) attract the players unfailingly.


Since its inception, the game of Lottery has been creating an electrifying atmosphere in the gambling community. It has majestically earned its "The Ultimate Game of Luck" title by offering incredible prize payouts. At CryptoGames, players can participate in the lottery game by buying any sum of tickets from the "Buy Tickets" tab. The game's dedicated page on the website also provides details on the win percentage of any individual player along with the total number of tickets purchased. CryptoGames hosts lottery draws every week on different days (s) (the days depend on the currencies players use).

Enjoy smooth gameplay using up-to-date cryptocurrencies:

Ever since the first formation of Bitcoins, the crypto world has been announcing the debuts of many other cryptocurrencies from time to time. These choices of cryptocurrencies have incredibly changed the outlook of crypto-based online casinos. At this very moment, CryptoGames supports 9 up-to-date cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, GAS, and Dash.

Players can switch between any of these coins when they play a game at the casino. However, some of the games have their list of available Cryptocurrencies.

CryptoGames also has a "PlayMoney" feature that all players can use to check out the rules of the games. The uncommon feature can be accessed instantly after users their accounts. PlayMoney allows everyone to explore the casino without spending a single penny before being sure.

The casino advises the users to register themselves properly to be able to use the coins of their choices. As only registered players get to deposit or withdraw any amount from their wallets, finishing the account setting beforehand is highly recommended.

Gain More with the Lowest House Edges:

One of the reasons behind CryptoGames' massive success is its modest House Edges for games. Every visitor at the casino can unquestionably agree that CryptoGames has the lowest house edges in the entire industry. This fantastic trait helps users to win big every time in the long run. We have listed the 8 games alongside their house edges down below:

  • Dice- House edge of 1.0%.
  • Slot- House edge of 1.97%.
  • Blackjack- House edge of 1.25%.
  • Lottery- House edge of 0.0% (Meaning the casino gives back all the winnings      directly to the top lucky winners.)
  • Roulette- House edge of 2.7%.
  • Minesweeper- House edge of 1%.
  • Video Poker -Jacks or Better- House edge of 2.11%. Tens or Better- House    edge of 2.08%. Bonus poker- House edge of 2.09%.
  • Plinko - Green ball- House edge of 1.63%. Red ball- House edge of 1.84%. Blue ball- House edge of 1.52%. Yellow ball- House edge of 1.56%.

Win Big in Progressive jackpots of Dice and Roulette:

By taking part in the progressive jackpots, you can win more than your usual payouts. When you have already set out for a fortune, why not go bigger and test your luck in the jackpots!

Jackpots of Dice:

Just like the actual game's payout rules, you can win the Jackpot if the following rules are fulfilled:

  • You get a result of either 7.777 or 77.777
  • You get a winning roll
  • Both your bet amount and profit amount are at least 0.0000015 BTC, 0.00045 ETH, 0.0015 LTC, 15 DOGE, 0.0015 XMR, 0.00015 BCH, 0.0045 ETC, 0.00075 DASH, 0.0225 GAS, 4,850 PlayMoney
  • The last two digits of your Server seed and client seed combined and encrypted in SHA512 are 77 (77 is the jackpot number)

The detailed information about how Jackpot Numbers are calculated can be found in the casino's FAQ section.

Winners will receive 100% of the Jackpot if winning amount is above 0.004 BTC, 2 DASH, 40000 DOGE, 1.2 ETH, 4 XMR, 0.4 BCH, 4 LTC, 60 GAS, 12 ETC or 24,250,000 PlayMoney. If winning amounts are lower, players will receive a proportional share of the Jackpot with a minimum of 1%. Jackpot is given to the players automatically, so there is no need to report for it anywhere.

Jackpots of Roulette:

All players can participate in the progressive Jackpot and win by playing Roulette. However, they will win the jackpots only if the following conditions are met:

  • Players roll 7 four times in a row with the same cryptocurrency (only 4 consecutive bets will be counted)
  • All the bets are profitable (returning amount is more than the betting amount)
  • Both the bet amount and profit amount are at least 0.0000015 BTC, 0.00045 ETH, 0.0015 LTC, 15 DOGE, 0.0015 XMR, 0.00015 BCH, 0.0045 ETC, 0.00075 DASH, 0.0225 GAS, 4,850 PlayMoney

Players will receive 100% of the Jackpot if their winning amount on all four bets is above 0.004 BTC, 2 DASH, 40000 DOGE, 1.2 ETH, 4 XMR, 0.4 BCH, 4 LTC, 60 GAS, 12 ETC, or 24,250,000 PlayMoney.

If the winning amount is lower, the players will receive a proportional share of the Jackpot with a minimum of 1%. If winning amounts are different on four bets, they will receive a Jackpot that equals the winning amount on the lowest bet.

Enjoy all the beneficial Features onboard:

CryptoGames' inclusion of chatbox, Rain and Faucet feature on their website has attracted players from all corners of the world. These 3 features make the environment more engaging than ever. The chatbox allows players to be present for one another throughout the whole experience. This way, newcomers feel a sense of relief upon finding like-minded players. The chatbox feature also lets the users share their funds. By tipping each other with lotto tickets or cryptocurrencies, the community sure develops a brotherhood in itself. And for contributing to the betterment of the community, CryptoGames has designed a feature that rewards active users with free coins. This is similar to the Faucet feature, where players can earn themselves free PlayMoney for games.

Participate in Exhilarating Monthly Wagering Contests:

CryptoGames hosts monthly wagering contests and weekly promotional campaigns. The wagering contests create a compelling and profoundly delightful atmosphere for every player at the casino. And not to forget, the rewards from the monthly contests are of high value. One of the highly sought prizes is the VIP membership of the casino. Players carrying the VIP tags have remunerative benefits for a whole month! The exclusive on-site privileges let them make the best betting choices and so much more.

Here are some of the VIP benefits the monthly contest winners get to enjoy!

  • House edge for the game of Dice drops down to 0.8%
  • Enjoy no server delay during your game time. Regardless of your bet's size, you will be able to enjoy the highest betting speed for one whole month.
  • VIP members get to play with better and higher exchange limits!
  • VIP players get free access to the VIP chatroom. This private chatroom allows players to communicate with the managers of the casino.
  • VIP members will be able to show off their winning [VIP] tag besides their regular name tag.
  • All VIP members receive monthly vouchers through their email. A member's position in the winners' list determines the number of vouchers they will be rewarded with. In the case of multiple winning positions, the players will receive a reward for the highest position they achieve, and the prize will be according to that position.

Join Us and Hundreds of Excelling Gamblers for an Unforgettable Gambling Experience!

By now, you must have realized that the resources at CryptoGames are incomparable with any other out on the Internet. The casino has proven to be the ultimate destination of any serious and thoughtful gambler. With undeniable elements such as top-class security measurements( Two-Factor Authentication), responsible gambling policies, handy blogs, and forums, the casino is guaranteed to be on its way to outshine every other casino. Therefore, we hope you trust us well when we say it is the best place for any digital casino lovers. And introduce yourself to the most groundbreaking source of online entertainment today.

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