Currency Works Motoclub Reveals Rare NFTs to be Auctioned at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2022

Currency Works Motoclub Reveals Rare NFTs to be Auctioned at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2022
Photo by Obi Onyeador / Unsplash

Barrett- Jackson Scottsdale is a well-known event for the global collection of cars, wherein exotic cars and automobiles are offered to auctioneers, enthusiasts, and visitors during the nine-day event, which also doubles as the 50thanniversary of Barrett-Jackson.

The elite collection of Barrett- Jackson comprises four vehicles that highlight the inaugural Houston Auction of Barrett-Jackson in September 2021. In a partnership with Currency Works, Barret-Jackson is set to sell the four cars individually and for them to be minted as a set of rare 1-of-1 NFTs. They would auction each NFT on behalf of MotoClub; two should be sold on Friday and the remaining on Saturday, these days doubling as premium sale days in the Auction calendar of Scottsdale.

According to GlobeNewswire, he following are the four-vehicle sales featuring in the Houston Elite Collection:

·       1978 Porsche 928 “Risky Business” Movie Car- #Lot 4001 to be sold on Friday, January 28

·       1962 Chevrolet Corvette Custom- #Lot 4002 to be sold on Friday, January 28

·       2019 Ford GT Lightweight- #Lot 4003 to be sold on Saturday, January 29

·       1960 Maserati Tipo 61 “Birdcage” recreation- #LOT 4004 to be sold on Saturday, January 29

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Each of them will be minted as 1-of-1 and contain 1x specially commissioned illustration, 3x high res digital images, and 1x video of the sale of the vehicle at the Barrett-Jackson 2021 Houston Auction.

In support of the NFT auction sales, Motoclub would be attending the Scottsdale event as confirmed by CurrencyWorks and initiating membership sign-up among visitors. The auction is to take place from January 22-January 30.

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Executive Chairman, Cameron Chell, commenting on the Scottsdale auction, said,

Scottsdale is the start of what is going to be a very exciting, and very important year for the Motoclub platform. The unique NFTs being offered for auction are likely to attract a lot of attention. Motoclub’s presence at the event also shows commitment to engaging directly with car enthusiasts, to broaden people’s knowledge on the digital collectible space, and to continue its recognition within the wider automotive industry.”

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