Custom Pipe-Maker, Jerome Baker Designs, Introduces Bongs as Tokens

Custom Pipe-Maker, Jerome Baker Designs, Introduces Bongs as Tokens
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Jerome Baker Designs, the customized glass pipe maker for celebrities, will introduce a series of bong-related nonfungible tokens (NFTs) alongside respective tangible assets early next month.

The NFTs on FDCTech's Ethereum-based platform show each bong's unique glassblowing technique and offer additional benefits. They will be released on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 13), and the physical bongs that go with them will be auctioned off at Superchief Gallery. FDCTech, Inc., a fully integrated financial technology company with a full suite of digital financial services solutions, and Jerome Baker Designs announced a collaboration agreement in December 2021 to create the NFT Venture, in which Jerome Baker Designs will create custom digital art pieces and corresponding tangible assets on the Ethereum blockchain.

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According to the smoking products marketplace SLX, Jerome Baker Designs founder and president, Jason Harris, is one of the top ten glassblowers in the world. Jerome Baker Designs took first place in the 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup for "Best Glass" in Sanoma County and second place in the 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup for "Best Glass" in Sacramento.

He started the company in the early 1990s and has worked with celebrities such as Santana, Snoop Dogg, George Clooney, George Clinton, 311, Sublime/Skunk Records, Widespread Panic, Grateful Dead, Rita Marley, DMB, Phish, Slayer, and DRIon custom-made pieces.

Harris is ecstatic to be venturing into the community of crypto-driven digital art.He belives that artists “need a certificate of authenticity to connect to the art.” To him, NFTs provide artists with this certification and “create value and legacy.”

While other forms of art, such as sculptures and paintings, can be replicated or copied, glassblowing, according to Harris, is a one-time exercise that cannot be recreated.

Harris stated that the five bong NFTs that will be released on Super Bowl Sunday will be in sequence with his Burnt Orange collection, which consists of translucent bright orange glass bongs.

Owners of a bong NFT will be eligible for real-world benefits such as glassblowing classes and a trip to the Las Vegas Dream Factory—Jerome Baker Designs Headquarters.

This is not the first time Jerome Baker Designs has dabbled in blockchain technology. Since 2012, the studio has accepted Bitcoin. Harris believes that the global population will soon jump on board and accept cryptocurrency as payment. The company intends to accept Ethereum payments in the near future.

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