D.G.Verse Takes on the Metaverse with NFT Game D.G.Pals: Auction To Take Place December 20

D.G.Verse Takes on the Metaverse with NFT Game D.G.Pals: Auction To Take Place  December 20
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D.G.Verse, a Singapore-based platform created by D.G.Ventures Pte Ltd to democratize game production and publishing, will hold an auction of its D.G.Pals non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from 20 December to 23rd as part of its efforts to build a creative and stable environment for content producers.

The first game in the D.G.Verse, D.G.P: New World, is an idle game focused on hatching and nurturing the creatures known as D.G.Pals in this metaverse. The initial game's central objective is to acclimate explorers to the universe by immersing them in an immersive and story-rich environment where they spend five days nurturing each D.G.Pal. Then, concentrating on exposing the player to the environment and establishing a relationship between the D.G.Pal and its owner, the D.G.Pal will gather tokens for the player as it develops. When the D.G.Pal reaches its final stage (in five days), it can be minted into a one-of-a-kind NFT.

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Multiple game titles will be released in the coming months, and players will be able to use the D.G.Pal NFTs in additional game modes across multiple game genres. All of these are attainable by the first quarter of 2022. The more gamers that participate, the more money they may make from their NFT collection when D.G.Pals launches in January 2022.

Pre-registration for D.G.Pals will close at midnight on 18 December, with 500 pre-registered visitors eligible to receive a D.G.Pal NFT. However, for those seeking an edge, the forthcoming Genesis Sale Event will include limited NFTs. These Limited Edition D.G.Pal NFTs are assured of having higher stats, and early adopters will get additional benefits.

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D.G.Pals, according to D.G.Verse, is more than an average game. Rather than that, the business hopes to use one piece of entertainment to foster a whole ecosystem of invention and creativity. According to Samson Oh, co-founder of D.G.Verse,

"I want to create an environment that enables the community of gamers and developers in Singapore and Southeast Asia that share the same idea. The next generation must have a means of self-sufficiency."

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