DC Comics joins NFT race with the launch of Batman collection

DC Comics joins NFT race with the launch of Batman collection

One of the largest and oldest American comic book companies, DC Comics, has taken a deep dive into the NFT industry with the launch of its own set of Batman collectibles. The interesting twist to the story is that the company has warned creators to avoid creating or selling Batman tokens.

DC Comics took the step into the booming NFT industry through a recent partnership with Veve, a startup dedicated to creating NFT collectibles. As per the announcement, the Batman collectibles will come in a black and white color scheme.

The collection currently has four different designs, with the value of each design varying based on its rarity. So far, the most expensive token is a digital statue of Nightwin which consists of 1,850 copies and goes for $89.99.

At the end of the sale, DC Comics would have generated $996,304. However, considering the current hype around NFTs, these tokens could sell for considerably higher amounts in the future.

It does not come as a surprise that DC Comics is trying to get in on the NFT action. Several artists, athletes, and celebrities are already on board and the sector is pulling a lot of weight. Considering, the company’s exclusive merchandising rights to Batman, the move could be a major win for DC Comics.

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