Decentralized social media network Uhive to enable users turn profiles into NFTs

Decentralized social media network Uhive to enable users turn profiles into NFTs

First of its kind, Uhive is a decentralized, AI-based, and blockchain-powered social media network. Using a unique and innovative interest-based model that rewards users, this social media network is disruptive.

Featuring Spaces, a unique and interactive interface or virtual land, this network according to a recent press release will enable users to mint their profile or Spaces into NFTs. Users on the network will have the right to mint Spaces into tokens and have them transferred to their various digital wallets. With these tokens in their possession, they can decide to either sell or exchange them.

Uhive’s decision to enable the minting of Spaces is in line with the network’s core values; rewarding users and creators on the network.

Using the network's native token Uhive Token HVE2, an ERC-20 token, users can purchase Spaces. The token does not just power this blockchain-based network, but it complies with a set of predetermined guidelines which allow it to be a tradable asset.

In addition to the Uhive Token HVE2, this AI-based social media network has a native currency LATOKEN which investors and traders alike can own and exchange for ETH, Tether, etc.

The integration of this key feature into Uhive as well as other partnerships reported by BTC Peers is proof that NFTs offer limitless opportunities.

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