Decoin Exchange launches its Dtrade Feature to Attract Traditional Investors to Trade crypto

Decoin Exchange launches its Dtrade Feature to Attract Traditional Investors to Trade crypto
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Two months ago, the crypto market size went above $2 trillion. More projects spring up every day to have a share of this booming market. For already existing projects like Decoin exchange, being innovative is vital in serving the current crypto market. Crypto platforms and projects are rolling out new features to make crypto trading easy and seamless, even for beginners. For projects to stand the test of time in the crypto industry, they must constantly evolve and innovate.

A good number of retail and institutional investors are currently jumping into the crypto market with the hope of making good money in the booming market. However, traditional investors are somewhat staying away from the crypto market due to the high volatility of crypto assets. For traditional investors to confidently enter the crypto market, they need to be guided along the way. Decoin exchange recently added the Dtrade feature to its trading platform to promote social trading and encourage traditional investors.

Overview of the Decoin Exchange

Decoin is a community-based digital asset exchange where users can buy and sell their crypto assets. The platform was founded in 2017 and has been gradually growing since then. According to the founding team, Decoin exchange is a crypto trading platform exclusively designed by the crypto community for the crypto community. The platform seeks to provide crypto traders with transparent and innovative social trading opportunities for its top-security traders.

The platform offers an easy-to-use interface for its beginners as well as advanced trading options for seasoned traders. Decoin exchange also has a utility token known as DTEP. The coin is supported by an independent blockchain network that utilizes the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. Decoin has over 107 million 24-hour trading volumes. The transaction fees on the exchange range from 0.03% to 0.15%. For commission, the fee is a maximum of 0.15% for non-Decoin holders and 0.0075% for Decoin holders. There is also a maximum of 0.03% exchange fee per withdrawal, and there will also be fees collected for services like automated algorithmic order creation.

In his words, the CEO of Decoin exchange, Shay Perry, said, “our mission is to provide the most transparent and innovative social ecosystem for our traders, with maximum-security elements, that has an easy-to-use interface for novice users. The ecosystem also offers advanced trading features for industry veterans.” Some of the features available on the exchange include Decoin staking, pro-social trading, credit card program, etc.

The Dtrade Feature

One of the core services of Decoin exchange is to provide social trading services that will help attract traditional investors into the crypto market. Dtrade is a social trading feature launched by Decoin to provide social trading services. Social trading is a concept where users can share information with the community in real-time. Here, traditional investors who don’t know much about crypto trading can monitor and adopt the strategies of veteran traders on Decoin exchange via Dtrade.

Launched in the first half of 2021, Dtrade aims to ease the journey of new and veteran crypto traders through social trading. It allows traders to share trading tips and strategies with one another in the market. According to the official website, “Dtrade is the new innovative and transparent pro-social trading platform of the new crypto age. It is a way for the crypto community to come together and trade with real pro traders, streaming their best strategy online and live.

Now users have the option of watching live expert trader sessions or trading directly on the Decoin exchange. These new traditional investors can also begin their trading journey in crypto social trading by leveraging the auto-trading feature with some live expert traders. Novice traders can evaluate pro traders based on their performance and skill. Users can decide how much and who to follow on the platform, a typical social trading scenario.  Pro traders who are willing to share their high-flying trading strategies and activities will be rewarded in Decoins.


Social trading appears to be the solution to help have more traditional investors in the crypto market. Projects like Dtrade, eToro, etc., are leading the charge to help onboard these investors. As more traditional crypto investors get into the crypto market, it becomes easier to have crypto as an investable class asset.

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