Deeper Network Launches An IPO-NFT To Offer Investors Immediate Economic Value

Deeper Network Launches An IPO-NFT To Offer Investors Immediate Economic Value

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are widely successful globally. However, many people see these assets as speculative investments or a way to collect art, in-game items, and so forth. With the help of Deeper Networks, the potential of NFT technology will enhance significantly.

NFTs Are Successful Yet Limited

No one will deny the success of NFTs to date. Starting in the second half of 2020, NFTs were considered to be the next blockchain industry breakout for taking the baton from DeFi. A pair of Uniswap NFT socks sold for $160,000; Twitter's founder sold five words for $2.5 million, and crypto artist Beeple received a bid of $9.75 million for his NFT art piece at Christie's. In March 2021, the combined transaction volume of all the crypto art platforms exceeded $200 million, a record high.

With the help of significant artists, creators, and established brands jumping on this bandwagon, the ecosystem is thriving like never before. It cannot be ignored that NFTs have made an entry into the mainstream art circle through the world renowned art auction houses Christie's and Sotheby. On the evening of March 11, 2021, Christie’s first auction of purely digital artworks was presented in the form of NFTs. "Every Day: First 5000 Days" by Beeple’s was sold for $69.346 million, breaking records for NFTs. Sotheby's also held a crypto art auction from April 12th to 14th. Crypto artist PAK's digital work "Cube" sold for $16.8 million.

Other popular projects include NBA Topshots and CryptoKitties collections. Although these projects are successful due to their unique artwork and design and the indivisibility of these assets, there is always some concern over the limited appeal these tokens hold.

Even some of the biggest exchanges in the cryptocurrency industry start creating their own NFTs. Efforts by OKex, Bittrex, and more recently, Binance, highlight the overall potential of this technology. There are many options to explore with Non-Fungible Tokens, yet it seems the majority of issuers remain relatively limited in what they aim to achieve. Changing that narrative will not be easy, as new tools and infrastructure will need to be built to unlock the full potential of NFTs.

According to, NFT's initial sales were recently down 42.43% and the total amount of second-hand sales was much higher than the total amount of initial sales. Although the current NFT market is huge, compared with legal assets, equity and other types of assets, the liquidity of the art and collectibles market needs to be improved. This is a problem that currently plagues the development of NFTs.

It appears Deeper Network will be one of the core providers to watch in this segment. As a decentralized private network provider and the Deeper Connect hardware product development, the team explores a slightly different angle. Moreover, the company will release an NFT to be converted into pre-IPO shares later on. In essence, it is an IPO-NFT offering, something that is relatively uncommon in the cryptocurrency industry.

With the increasing expectation of numerous investors for Deeper Network's future IPO listing, and in order to thank older and new investors for their support and loyalty, the company has decided to return part of its future profits to investors in the form of NFT equity subscription. This will enable more people to get involved in the development of the company. It will provide an opportunity for the company to grow while maximizing the interests of investors.

A Deeper Dive Into Deeper Network

To make all of the above come true, it is essential to understand the company's business model. Building a decentralized and secure gateway to a more democratic internet will result in a better online experience for every household. Through its flagship product line, the Deeper Connect, users can browse the internet freely and privately without worrying about censorship. The project is spearheaded by industry veterans who worked for Intel, Amazon, Quantum, and CoinMarketCap.

So far, the team has sold over 12,000+ units through Amazon, Best Buy, Stack Commerce, Indiegogo and other e-commerce platforms. Deeper Network has raised over $3 million USD, with over 12,000+ supporters covering 115+ countries. Deeper Network's Indiegogo campaign has done so well that it has appeared on the front page of the Indiegogo website multiple times as an In-Demand item. Recent record sales of 5000+ units in 7 days indicates that  there is a demand for this blockchain-powered internet gateway. Moreover, the team's multicultural diversity has allowed Deeper Network to become a fast-growing company with community members across different continents. With Deeper Connect, users can also mine the native DPR currency, as the Deeper Mainnet launch is imminent. With DPR, users can consume bandwidth on the network. Users who provide bandwidth to Deeper Network will earn DPR in exchange for doing so.

The choice for the IPO-NFT is intriguing, as equity subscriptions have not been tried before in this format. The NFT can prove to be appealing to collectors, as it will grant conversion to $2,000 subscriptions right in the company's shares at the pre-IPO price. A different way of establishing immediate economic value while leveraging NFT technology. Equity and seed round investors will have preferential access to the NFTs, yet other community members can gain access through various events. Deeper's team also ensured integration of the NFTs into OpenSea and trading across other OTC marketplaces.

Closing Thoughts

It is not uncommon for established companies to explore blockchain-based opportunities to attract more capital. However, using NFTs tied to pre-IPO equity is a very different ordeal, yet one that creates new opportunities for the broader industry. The success of this method is directly tied to the upcoming IPO of Deeper Network, creating a long-term incentive for anyone looking to acquire these NFTs at an early stage.

Moreover, it is intriguing to see how teams go about creating value for a Non-Fungible Token. Rather than expecting people to pay an arm and a leg for something that may never have any resell or redemption value is no longer feasible. Combining a future IPO share price with a non-fungible token helps make Deeper Network stand out from more traditional NFT-oriented projects in this industry.

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