DeFi Platform Akropolis admits to a $2 million hack on the platform

Blockchain platform Akropolis announced today that $2 million had been hacked. It is was a DeFi protocol attack via that flash loan protocol. Several of the Delphi Savings pools for development have been drained by more than 2 million DAIs, and the attack has caused $2 million in damage.

As Akropolis admitted, the damage, however, showed no impacts on other Curve pools – bUSD, sBTC, or their Aave and Compound pools. Curve is a blockchain-based platform that provides stablecoin trading and interest. In what seems to be a related matter, the attacks occur without warning signs. Akropolis stated that two independent audits had been performed in the pools. “However, the attack vectors used in the exploit were not identified in either audit,” the company coninued, “The essence of the exploit in question is a combination of a re-entrancy attack with dYdX flash loan origination.”

The hacker did not hold robbed funds for long, shortly afterwards, the stolen funds were moved to another wallet. Akropolis has undertaken an audit on the code and is seeking ways of refunding users for the loss in a manner that will support the initiative. While the process is underway, all stablecoin pools have been suspended and the hack announcement has been made.

Harvest Finance suffered around a $34 million hack in USDC and USDT stablecoin in last month due to an attack on a flash loan. Previously, a $350,000 hack targed the bZx margin trading network.

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