Devon Henry turns to NFTs to raise $13M for social causes across the US

Devon Henry turns to NFTs to raise $13M for social causes across the US

Devon Henry, an entrepreneur known for taking down the Confederate monuments in Richmond when several contractors were afraid to touch them, is continuing with his acts of heroism, but this time with digital collectibles. Henry is repurposing the legacy of his team into a charitable CryptoFederacy project that shines a light on the 13-star causes and changemakers through the “13 Stars NFT Art Collection.”

In 2020, Henry and his team put their careers on the line “to help the city and state turn the page from its rebel past.” They were initially tasked with the responsibility of removing the statue of Robert E. Lee. Back then, emotions were high following the murder of George Floyd. The COVID19 pandemic was also at this peak. Henry and his construction team eventually removed over 23 Confederate statues across the former Confederate South.

His new project is giving meaning to the Confederate flag’s 13 stars by assigning a charity to each of the “13 Stars” in the NFT collection. The project is set to drop on the 157th anniversary of Juneteenth, a Federal U.S. Holiday that commemorates the emancipation and freedom of enslaved Americans, following the surrender of Confederate General Robert E. Lee and the Confederate states in April 1865.

That being said, the 13 inaugural NFTs will be minted on June 19, 2020, representing the dismantling of the statues. Henry is looking to raise $1 million from the sale of each collectible, which will then be used to support 13 different charitable causes that address social issues linked to the ideals and actions of the Confederate Generals whose statues had been removed.

Meanwhile, Henry and his team are already wrapping up partnerships with established nonprofits and planning launch events in New York, Richmond, D.C., and Los Angeles. In addition to being able to meet the CryptoFederacy team, attendees will be able to view the NFT artwork, interact with the artist, view framed professional photographs of behind-the-scenes moments from the statue removal process, as well as explore physical pieces of the dismantled confederate statues.

Henry is hopeful that impassioned individuals and foundations will be moved to become a part of his initial attempt at rewriting history. There are plans to launch a 10,000-piece CrazyStats NFT collection as the community and project evolve.

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