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DNS has been integrated on the Ethereum Name Service
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DNS has been integrated on the Ethereum Name Service

Saudu Clement
Saudu Clement

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS), an open-source protocol that links users’ domain names with Ethereum addresses, has enabled support for traditional domain names.

Thanks to the new functionality, website owners that have a Domain Name System (DNS) can directly integrate with ENS without having to change to a .eth name.

The new feature has already been integrated by several Ethereum wallets, implying that human-readable addresses can now be used rather than pasting complicated Ethereum addresses. It inevitably makes it easier for users to send ETH.

Up until now, the ENS only allowed .eth addresses. Users were able to use their .eth domain names to create websites, but couldn't attach them to pre-existing .com websites.

However, the ENS now supports most DNS names including .com, .org, and .io, making it possible for users to take an existing website, connect it to their Ethereum address, and set it up on the ENS.

It is worth mentioning that there is a difference between using .com domain names and .eth domain names. Consequently, funds sent to test.com will not go to the Ethereum address associated with test.eth.

While ENS charges a fee for .eth names, integrating a new domain name comes at no cost. On the other hand, doing so will involve making a complicated Ethereum transaction, which can cost a few hundred dollars worth of ETH at current prices.

So far, platforms that support ENS include Coinbase, Rainbow, Uniswap, and Etherscan, along with browser extensions MetaMask and Brave.