DSFR Announces Strategic Partnership with Mycashbackworld: Moves to Bring Cryptocurrency to Mainstream Commerce

DSFR Announces Strategic Partnership with Mycashbackworld: Moves to Bring Cryptocurrency to Mainstream Commerce
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Digital Swiss Franc, a cryptocurrency entity, has announced its partnership with a leading e-commerce platform called Mycashbackworld. This is a welcome development in the eCommerce industry as over 200 million crypto users worldwide can purchase products online and offline using their crypto assets. The retail and e-commerce industry is undoubtedly one of the few industries that the advent of cryptocurrency hasn't largely impacted.

Although the number of crypto users has kept increasing over the years, many of these users are struggling to utilize their cryptos to purchase their favorite products both offline and online. This is the major reason why DSFR partnered with Mycashbackworld to help bring crypto to mainstream commerce.

Details of the Partnership and what it holds for both DSFR and Mycashbackworld

Digital Swiss Franc (DSFR) aims to enable crypto enthusiasts worldwide to earn DSFR tokens as cashback when they shop online or offline. The platform also hopes to provide shoppers with multiple options for purchasing fiat, other crypto coins, and DSFR itself. In order to make this a reality for participants as well as ensure effective use of their tokens, DSFR entered into a partnership with Mycashbackworld, a leading e-commerce platform with more than 15 million shoppers.

The partnership will help ensure that customers enjoy the best shopping deals on all purchases like hotel booking, flight booking, etc. This established partnership will enable Mycashbackworld to leverage the crypto payment system and wallet service of DSFR to improve its users' shopping experience with amazing cashback rewards. Mycashbackworld shoppers can buy items from loyalty merchants and will receive shopping points in return. However, customers can only benefit from the cashback when they register on the official Mycashbackworld website in order to receive the "MyWorld card. Most of the cashbacks will give a cashback of the purchase which will transfer directly to shoppers' DSFR wallets.

On the other hand, the partnership will allow DSFR to leverage the benefits of the Mycashbackworld premium partner program to become the default currency of choice for shopping. This will help launch the DSFR token to mainstream commerce.

The Digital Swiss Franc (DSFR)

DSFR is a blockchain-based crypto entity with a mission to bring cryptocurrency to mainstream commerce and to serve as a one-stop destination for cashback across multiple retail categories. They seek to help retail and eCommerce merchants to explore the world of cryptocurrency ad crypto payments. They also partner with small and medium businesses and allow payment via their Prepaid DSFR cards. Alternatively, they can integrate their Crypto POS or Payment Gateway into the businesses' platform. The project is built on a Polygon blockchain network, a Layer 2 protocol that offers high throughput, low transaction cost, low gas fees, and no network congestion. See the whitepaper for more details about the DSFR project. Interested persons can also join the DSFR telegram community.

DSFR will provide governance tokens to its selected users, thereby ensuring the platform is community-based. The governance token holders will have the power to vote on the future of the future project, its partnership deals, marketing, and possible new use cases. Some of its use cases include:

  • It offers a secured blockchain protocol for decentralized financial transactions.
  • Releases analytics-based transparent and modern royalty programs for its retail partners.
  • Integrates a one-stop cashback app that guides shoppers to all the offline and online deals in their location. Etc
Mycashbackworld Company

Mycashbackworld is a leading eCommerce platform that boasts more than 15 million shoppers. It offers enticing cashback and discounts on all purchases to its teeming customers around the world. With over 150,000 official partner deals and voucher codes, the platform has been providing shoppers with great deals on all purchases, thereby making it easy for their customers to enjoy all the shopping benefits.

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