Elon Musk gets bashed by crypto Twitter for trying to bully Michael Saylor

Elon Musk gets bashed by crypto Twitter for trying to bully Michael Saylor

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk got more than he bargained for on Thursday after trying to troll MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor for disputing an article on Bitcoin’s energy problems.

Although Musk may still be called the king of crypto Twitter, it appears that the community is getting tired of his tweets. For many, the tech billionaire is the primary reason behind Bitcoin’s flash crash following his claims that the digital asset consumes too much energy. That being said, a lot of crypto users are beginning to criticize him.

Responding to Saylor’s tweet, Musk called him “Gigachad.”

Musk was forced to delete his tweet after receiving multiple criticisms. Most people agreed that Musk got “ratioed” since the comments and interactions on his tweet exceeded the number of likes. This is often considered a bad signal, suggesting that the author failed at trolling or that the tweet failed to accomplish its goals.

Hate him or like him, Elon Musk is still a great influence on the crypto market. A few months ago, he crashed the price of Dogecoin after calling it “a hustle” on national television. Shortly after, his tweets sent the market into a buying frenzy.

However, some believe that Musk’s influence on the crypto market will diminish in the long term.

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