Encoded Gene Roddenberry Signature in DNA Becomes First Living NFT

Encoded Gene Roddenberry Signature in DNA Becomes First Living NFT
Photo by National Cancer Institute / Unsplash

NFTs are beginning to take off, and it seems lots of individuals and corporations are pushing the limits to see how far digital innovation can go. Imagine the idea of implanting the signature of a sci-fi legend Gene Roddenberry, in the DNA sequence of a bacteria. But, of course, this was done using nothing but Blockchain technology.

Here's a little backstory. In 1965, Gene Roddenberry put pen to paper on a contract that would change science fiction forever. This contract was an agreement with Lucille Ball of Desilu Studios, which then was the financial foundation for creating the Star Trek franchise. With this NFT creation, 30 years after the death of Gene Roddenberry, the iconic signature has been resurrected.

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That was the motivation behind the brilliant and perhaps weird idea cultivated by scientist Dr. Paul Predki to create the first-ever living NFT in history. The process began with encoding the digital data found in the token onto a DNA sequence. The next step was to store this DNA sequence into bacteria that reproduce autonomously. The result is a carbon-containing NFT, alive and capable of duplicating itself indefinitely.

This project was created courtesy of the Solana Blockchain by Metaplex studios. It is currently on display for anyone interested in viewing it at the Art Basel in Miami.

This year's edition of the Art Basel in Miami has been heavily centered on NFTs to celebrate and highlight the emergence and boom of NFTs in the world of art. It has seen different kinds of innovation as creators from different industries put their NFTs on display. Another beautiful innovation at this year's Art Basel Miami Beach is the OpenDrop NFTs put on sale by Open Air Foundation, a tech-based environmental advocate for climate action. The NFT series features 21 artists, one of whom is Nicole Buffet, estranged granddaughter of investment guru Warren Buffet.

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