ENOTOKEN Airdrop is Coming Soon: Comprehensive Details

ENOTOKEN Airdrop is Coming Soon: Comprehensive Details
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With the increasing number of new crypto projects in the cryptocurrency market, these projects must find effective and efficient ways to create awareness about their products and services to the crypto community. One of the most efficient and effective marketing strategies today is the use of airdrops. Crypto projects utilize airdrops to attract attention as well as build their own supporters in the crypto community.

Aside from being a marketing strategy for crypto projects, airdrops are also a good way for people to get into the crypto space without any risk. All they need to do is follow the requirements of the crypto project, and they will be rewarded with crypto tokens. Enotoken recently announced that it’s launching its airdrop, where participants will be rewarded with a free ENO token.

The Enotoken Airdrop

The Enotoken project gives out free 100,000 ENO tokens (100 ETH), and each token is currently worth $2.66. Enotoken commenced its airdrop on July 30, 2021, and it will last until August 15, 2021. All participants who successfully completed the required tasks will receive 6 ENO tokens. Meanwhile, those who purchased 10 ENO tokens or more will be eligible to get rewarded with 200 ENO ($500). 20 winners of the $500 will be selected randomly.

The tokens will be distributed among the participants equally, provided all the conditions of the promotions are met. Enotoken project team hopes to use the airdrop to increase their brand awareness and increase their number of followers on social media. How can participants receive the ENO token completely free? All you need to do is follow the simple instructions guiding the Enotoken airdrop.

Enotoken Airdrop Requirements

To be eligible to receive the free ENO tokens, participants must follow the following instructions. Follow Enotoken on their social media handles. Go to Telegram and join the Enotoken telegram group, then add 2 comments about why you are interested in ENO.

You need to follow Enotoken on Twitter @Enotoken, "like" and retweet the pinned tweet while tagging 5 of your friends/followers. Your Twitter account must be registered for at least 6 months, and you need to have a minimum of 30 followers. Also, the followers must be valid for the entire duration of the Enotoken airdrop and at least 2 weeks after the end of the airdrop. All participants must go to the official website of Enotoken and subscribe to its newsletter. A Twitter account can only participate only twice, and the tokens will be credited two weeks (14 days) after the completion of the airdrop.

Participants are required to submit ERC-20 wallet address and details. The ENO address for METAMASK is 0XeEA509C221c5C6979e974f4501b4829be0Ab2f8c. The hashtags for the airdrop include #ENOtoken, #Tokenomics, #WineToken, #Blockchain, #Cryptocurrency, #TokenSale, #winetasting, and #mexicanwine.

Overview of the Enotoken Project

Enotoken is a project that is created for the wine ecosystem. According to its whitepaper, “Enotoken is made for people who savvy the basic importance of balancing time, care, and guidance to achieve the crisp, refined, and sophisticated level of result.” The team hopes to enter into new partnerships across the different regions, thus helping to increase the value of the ENO token.

ENO token is the first ERC-20 token designed to revolutionize the wine ecosystem. Aside from giving holders access to the best vineyards, events, wine tastings, and sommeliers, the token can serve as a means of payment. With the token you will also be able to collect the best wines and participate in auctions for future NFTs surrounding the project, buy and trade, building a collector web.

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