EnviDa Seeks to Revolutionize Environmental Data Tracking Using Its Novel Blockchain-Powered Technology

EnviDa Seeks to Revolutionize Environmental Data Tracking Using Its Novel Blockchain-Powered Technology

Environmental data tracking and monitoring are critical to maintaining a healthy environment and sustaining the lives of humans and animals. However, the majority of the data available today are influenced by politics and corporations. Therefore, it is imperative that we have a data source that functions independently and outside the influence of politicians and corporate moneybags. Although there are quite a number of amazing projects seeking to offer a solution to these environmental data tracking problems, the EnviDa project appears to be leading the race.

The EnviDa project is offering a decentralized solution for the tracking, collection, and storing of vital, future-relevant environmental data. According to the EnviDa whitepaper, the environmental monitoring market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.1% from 2020 to 2025, to reach $17.1 billion. Although the expected market growth has attracted various projects into the environmental data tracking and monitoring market, blockchain technology-based projects have opened an entirely new world of possibilities in the data tracking business.

An Overview of the EnviDa Project

The EnviDa project is a unique and novel blockchain-based, decentralized ecosystem that is designed to monitor, track, and collect important environmental data. Based on the worldwide patented technology of the company DriveMining GmbH & Co.KG, known as C1M and other mobile mining systems, vehicles across the world can serve as mobile data collectors. The vehicles will generate additional passive income via crypto mining while sending the data from different measurement systems into the EnviDa network.

The core target group of the EnviDa project is transportation companies that constantly have vehicles on the move. These fleets of vehicles provide the best possible way to collect and harness environmental data because they can cover multiple locations within 24 hours, and they do this every day of the week. As the vehicles collect these data, they send it securely to the blockchain network of EnviDa for secure storage and analysis.

EnviDa Solutions to the Challenges of Environmental Data Tracking

EnviDa is disrupting environmental data tracking with its innovative mobile mining rig known as DriveMiner. The DriveMiner is installed in electric and semi-electric vehicles of transportation companies. This DriveMiner can track and capture data regarding CO2 levels, fine dust particles, temperature, industrial toxic wastes, radiation intensity, and optical analyses of the environment. The major solutions offered by the EnviDa project include:

Simultaneous Measurement of air quality at different areas

At the moment, measuring air quality is mainly stationary; thus, only small areas are monitored at any given time. This means that it is impossible to track the quality of air at different places at the same time. With the EnviDa's self-developed technology, taxis, delivery trucks, and other vehicles used in large cities can efficiently track air quality in multiple areas simultaneously.

Uniform and independent data tracking and monitoring

Before the advent of the EnviDa DriveMining technology, there were different measurement methods, regulations, and interests regarding environmental data tracking and monitoring. However, EnviDa offers a solution to this problem by ensuring environmental data from different cities and countries can be measured independently. The data is stored and secured in one blockchain.

Incentivizing environmental data tracking for private and independent participants

There has been little or no financial incentive for independent participants in the environmental data tracking market. However, EnviDa is making it more lucrative for entrepreneurs who can increase their revenue by mining the EnviDa token using the DriveMiner to collect environmental data.


EnviDa is aiming to install a good number of mining rigs in the medium term. This will make environmental data collection a reality, and EnviDa can create a trusted, excellent, and efficient database with historical and actual data on the blockchain.

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