Epik Prime Closes Private Round Of Funding To Solidify Pole Position As B2B NFT Leader

Epik Prime Closes Private Round Of Funding To Solidify Pole Position As B2B NFT Leader

Epik Prime, the global leader in creating branded digital items for businesses through collaborations and crossovers, is pleased to announce a successful closing of its private round which includes top blockchain venture capital firms such as LD Capital, Signum, DAO Maker, and Animoca Brands. Epik Prime also has an elite group of angel investors including Roger Ver, Charles Read from Rarestone and Executives from the Softbank Vision Fund, Grasshopper, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley. This will further cement Epik Prime’s position as the world leader producing B2B NFT content by connecting global entertainment brands to hundreds of distribution channels such as mainstream and crypto based video games and NFT marketplaces.

While the NFT market has exploded in recent months, the majority of NFTs being sold are niche content unfamiliar to mainstream consumers such as HashMasks or Cryptopunks. Epik Prime brings their proficiency of creating digital merchandise and unparalleled relationships with license holders to develop branded NFT collectibles and dropping them to millions of users around the world. NFTs of iconic characters and beloved brands will also attract a wider audience and retain their premium consumer value.

This strategy builds on Epik Prime’s three years of experience of bringing EPIK brands into virtual worlds and selling millions of dollars of digital goods. Not only does Epik Prime handle the physical distribution of the NFT’s, but it also focuses heavily on the management and creation of content through the licensing of IP’s. For example, the latest announcement with BELLATOR MMA will see Epik Prime have access to the array of world class fighters, in addition to the actual fight events.

This allows Epik Prime to leverage each unique individual fighter in different crossovers pending fit, and mutual interest. One fighter might be more suited for a mobile game like Avakin Life where she is heralded, while another might be more suited for something like Arena Of Valor. This flexibility and influence in its ability to exercise pure creativity is what makes Epik Prime different from other NFT service providers.

Epik Prime has a history of innovative crossovers such as bringing the legendary Japanese superhero Ultraman into Tencent’s Arena of Valor, one of the most popular mobile games in the world. The company also introduced Jennifer Lopez’s broadcast TV show, World of Dance, into Avakin Life, a social simulator with over 200 million users and brought the Stormtrooper into Mushroom Wars 2. Epik Prime’s vast network of licensors includes Sony, DMG, Universal, and Warner along with over 250 video game companies.

Epik Prime’s production of premium NFTs with established brands is their first step towards making blockchain merchandise mainstream. The company is developing an entire ecosystem or Epikverse where fans will be able to purchase unique digital collectibles and use them in the most popular video games.

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