Ether Cards NFT Holders Are Eligible For The $Dust Giveaway And Associated Access To High-Value Collections

Ether Cards NFT Holders Are Eligible For The $Dust Giveaway And Associated Access To High-Value Collections
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Investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is usually done for speculative reasons or collectibility. However, users who own a piece of the Ether Cards collection are now eligible for a $Dust token airdrop. That airdrop can help users unlock new and rare NFTs, including CryptoPunks and Meebits.

A Token Airdrop For Ether Card Holders

It is rare to see NFTs grant access to an airdrop these days. Although some collections will provide users with early - or free - access to future projects, that usually remains limited to collections created by the same team. Ether Cards goes in a very different direction by bringing the $Dust token airdrop to all users. Not only can this token be traded on exchanges, but it will also provide users with access to exclusive NFTs.

To broaden the apple of $Dust, there will be 27 CryptoPunks to obtain. This set of 27 NFTs has an estimated value of $10.6 million. Users will need an adequate number of tokens to obtain one of the 27 CryptoPunks. So far, two of the Punks have already been redeemed and the airdrop is still ongoing at writing.

Organizing such an airdrop marks a crucial milestone for Ether Cards. As one of the leaders in the Dynamic NFT space, the team aims to launch its NFT self-serve platform. Any artist, brand, athlete, or public figure can create and launch dynamic NFTs to engage their followers and tap into new monetization opportunities. Ether Cards has a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs, featuring well-known individuals such as Mike Tyson and Steve Aoki. On October 1st, Steve Aoki bought the #99 OG Ether Card for 49 ETH.

In total, there are 27 million $Dust tokens available. Every Ether Card holder is eligible for this airdrop and has received $Dust tokens. It is the biggest airdrop in the NFT space today and one of the largest in the cryptocurrency industry throughout 2021. Additionally, the $Dust token serves purposes across the entire Ether Cards ecosystem, including reserving NFTs issued on the platform ahead of other buyers. Holding tokens for longer periods can help users level up to bigger benefits.

More Giveaways To Come

The giveaway of 27 CryptoPunks marks a crucial milestone for the Ether Cards team. However, the members have indicated they will plan further NFT giveaways after that. Collections to look forward to include 30 Meebits, 25 Mike Tyson NFTs, 50 Alpha Cards, and 250 Founder Cards. All of these non-fungible tokens hold value. Alpha Cards and Founder Cards are part of Ether Cards' native collection, which has generated over $9.4 million on the secondary market.

Ether Cards Founder and CEO Andras Kristof adds:

“The Dust token drop and CryptoPunks giveaway are a way for us to give back to our Ether Cards community so that they can enjoy even more benefits as dedicated users of the platform. We’re excited to continue to bring these exclusive opportunities to our own cardholders as well as the wider Ether Card community.“

Other benefits to look forward to as an Ether Card NFT holder include gamified bonuses, $Dust collection, free NFTs, exclusive discounts, fee discounts, and becoming part of an ever-growing community.

Since its inception, Ether Cards has become one of the bigger names in the Dynamic NFT segment. The team of industry veterans experts has decades of combined experience and has brought non-fungible token technology into the mainstream. The dynamic NFTs featuring Mike Tyson, Steve Aoki, and LeMelo Ball exemplify how popular dynamic NFTs can be among artists, performers, and their communities.

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