Ethereum could move above $1,400, popular crypto analyst says

Crypto analyst and investor Michaël van de Poppe gave his price predictions for Ethereum in a recent YouTube video. While addressing his followers of over 90,000, he noted that the digital asset has shown strong signs and is in a steady uptrend. According to him, ETH’s recent breakout sets the cryptocurrency on a path to its 2018 all-time high of $1432. He said:

Given that we are currently searching even more, I have to redo the Fibonacci levels and then you can see that the next impulse wave most likely, somewhere in 2021, maybe Q1 2021 already, we’re going to see a rally towards the all-time high. That’s going to be the next one.

Speaking on the ETH/BTC pair, Poppe expects it to continue to trade sideways for a few weeks before the next monster rally which could cause a 250% increase. According to him:

We see that the crucial level to hold (0.024) is actually holding. Most likely, we’ll have a few weeks of sideways continuation before we start to get the next impulse wave. As in general, we see higher high, higher low, higher high, higher low. Most likely, we’re going to get a higher high towards the area at 0.06.

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