Ethereum devs share progress report on Beacon Chain

Ethereum devs share progress report on Beacon Chain

Ethereum devs updated the crypto community on its progress with the Beacon Chain and Altair upgrade on Wednesday. The progress report comes a week after Protostellar Evolution (v.1.1.0-alpha.6) was released.

As per the release, work on Altair, which is the first planned upgrade of the Beacon Chain, is going as planned. Once the code changes on Altair stabilize and the multi-client interop is performed, client teams will be allowed to “pass consensus test vectors and stand up short-lived testnets. The timeline decision will happen in the next few weeks.

Ethereum also disclosed that the Rayonism hackathon was completed. According to the Ethereum, the event attracted dozens of nodes and thousands of validators that built and secured a beacon chain with support for Ethereum’s application layer. The team explained:

The Rayonism hackathon allowed teams to rapidly prototype core Merge designs and to better understand how this merged system will work in practice. All teams now have a deep familiarity with the structure of the Merge, and a clear visual on how their software will evolve in this coming year.

With the hackathon over, client teams will be focusing their efforts on two upcoming summer forks – London and Altair.

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