Ethereum has a “chance to blow up,” billionaire Mark Cuban

Ethereum has a “chance to blow up,” billionaire Mark Cuban

The cryptocurrency space is awash with different price predictions for several digital assets. In the case of Ethereum, while analysts at JPMorgan Chase recently said that the digital asset should be trading around $1,000, billionaire investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban is very bullish over the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency.

Cuban recently said that the price of Ethereum has a “chance to blow up.” According to him, the network is “yet to really see business applications built on ETH smart contracts start to happen.” If this happens, it could send the price of the digital asset to new highs.

Cuban’s latest comments were in response to a tweet from TheBlock’s director of news, Tran Chaparro. Chaparro claimed to have quizzed traders at several large over-the-counter desks about the sustainability of Ethereum’s rally when it first crossed $3,000. The news director asserts that the verdict was that corporate treasuries “were ramping up allocations.”

Cuban claims that when people begin to deploy business applications on Ethereum, “every company will be ETH literate.” Furthermore, layer-two scaling solutions will have “an important role to play.”

The billionaire is only echoing the bullish sentiments of many other Ethereum fans. With ETH 2.0 on the way and several upgrades in between, the community is generally bullish over the future of the project.

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