Ethereum Price Prediction, Base Partnering With Chainlink, & Unveiling Big Eyes Infinity Presale

Ethereum Price Prediction, Base Partnering With Chainlink, & Unveiling Big Eyes Infinity Presale

What will analysts’ Ethereum price prediction tell us about the state of crypto? With resistance around the $1,800 mark per ETH token, it seems a bull market is a little way away. What does this mean? In short, invest big in tokens that seem stable, like Chainlink’s $LINK, especially in light of Base partnering with Chainlink, and in presale tokens like Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF). The latest offering by the Big Eyes ecosystem is its utility token presale as BIGINF looks to power the next generation of Play-To-Earn (P2E) games and launch its own GameFi platform. Read on to learn more!

Learn From Experts’ Ethereum Price Prediction

The Ethereum price prediction will help indicate where the crypto market will go in the next few months. Its perceived resistance around $1,800 per ETH token would imply that the bullish sentiment is only surface level, and we are all still in for a bearish market for a few months.

The argument, then, would be to invest in projects that you know to be stable – like Chainlink, or in a strong presale project, like Big Eyes Infinity.

Base partnering with Chainlink (LINK) has meant Chainlink’s price has generally been controlled and consistent – by offering extra utility through its Base partnership, once the bearish market conditions alleviate, expect the $LINK price to rise.  

On the other hand, the Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF) presale offers a low entry price point for a promising token that won’t be impacted by market conditions and its volatility. Buying the BIGINF presale will guarantee the ROI post-launch and keep the invested liquidity safely within the heavily audited Big Eyes ecosystem.

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Utility Is The Order Of The Day

Big Eyes Infinity has prioritized Its community-centric approach and pushed its utility token heavily to grow its P2E games and GameFi platform, coming late August.

With the BIGINF presale in full swing, now is the time to capitalize on its low price and get rewarded with a 1:1 presale purchase match in its 819 GameFi platform; early investors can only win.

100x ROI Chances in Crypto Market

It goes without saying that all three tokens are worth purchasing – Ethereum (ETH) for its endless utility and growth, Chainlink for its Base partnership and its interoperability, and the huge 100x ROI chance with Big Eyes Infinity presale. As the Big Eyes Infinity presale picks up pace, it will help power and reward those in the GameFi platform and grow the utility of the Big Eyes ecosystem. It offers not only huge returns on investment as it guarantees a price increase per presale stage, but it also will launch when the market is pumping, meaning it too will pump. Now is the time to buy BIGINF and wait for the ROI to roll in!

Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF)





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