Ethereum's 1.65% Price Dip to $1,867.32: Key Takeaways for July 24, 2023

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Ethereum's price has dipped 1.65% in the past hour to $1,867.32, alongside a 1.47% 24-hour decline. However, ETH remains in an uptrend in the medium and long term.

Ethereum's market capitalization stands at $227.98 billion, making it the second-largest cryptocurrency. Trading volume over the past 24 hours reached $4.80 billion, suggesting healthy market activity.

The 1-hour and 1-day declines appear to be a minor pullback within the broader uptrend. Zooming out to the 7-day view, ETH has dropped 7.04% over the past week. However, the 1-month view shows a gain of 2.89%, while the 6-month increase stands at a substantial 14.82%.

This suggests short-term bearish momentum is battling the medium and long-term bullish forces. Ethereum's uptrend remains intact, but some consolidation and choppiness can be expected in the days ahead.

Technical Indicators Signal Caution

Examining key technical indicators offers further insight into Ethereum's price action. The relative strength index (RSI) on the 1-hour chart is 40, leaning towards oversold territory. This suggests selling pressure has picked up.

The 50-day moving average sits at $1,724, which means ETH is still trading above this key long-term support level. The 200-day MA is way below at $1,187.

The MACD histogram shows declining momentum, while the OBV line is flat. Overall, the technical picture suggests caution is warranted despite the medium and long-term uptrend.

How Can Traders Capitalize on This Action?

Ethereum's 1.65% price decline presents nimble traders with opportunities to profit from the short-term bearish momentum. Traders can look to enter short positions, with tight stops above resistance levels.

However, the long-term bullish structure remains intact. Therefore, traders should watch for oversold conditions and a reversal back upwards to plan long entries. Bottom-fishing near key support areas can lead to profitable longs.

Level-headed risk management is essential, as choppy conditions may persist. But Ethereum's strong fundamentals and crypto's bullish macro backdrop could fuel a powerful ETH rally.


What are the key support and resistance levels to watch for Ethereum?

Ethereum currently has support around $1,800 where it has bounced several times over the past week. Below that, the $1,700 level marked by the 50-day moving average is critical long-term support. If ETH breaks decisively below $1,700, it could signal a trend change.

On the upside, initial resistance is at $1,900, then the psychological $2,000 level. Above that, Ethereum faces resistance around $2,100 which marked a previous local high. If ETH can break out above $2,100, it would confirm the medium-term uptrend remains intact targeting the next resistance level around $2,300. Traders should watch these key levels closely.

What strategies can traders use to profit from Ethereum's price action?

With Ethereum consolidating but still in a long-term uptrend, traders can deploy a mix of strategies. Bottom-fishing near support and swing trading the range are effective strategies. Traders can buy dips near $1,800 with stops under $1,700. Partial profits can be taken at the $1,900 and $2,000 resistance areas.

For range trading, entries near support and resistance with tight stops are warranted. Hedging long and short positions can also capitalize on choppy price action. An options strategy like an iron condor could profit from constrained volatility. Patient investors can accumulate on dips for the long-term. Blending multiple strategies allows traders to be dynamic and capitalize on shifts in price action.

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