Ethereum’s Berlin hardfork expected to go live on April 15

Ethereum’s Berlin hardfork expected to go live on April 15

Ethereum developers have shared some details on the upcoming Berlin hardfork, including a list of Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) to be included in the update.

According to the latest information from Georgious Konstantopoulos, the ETA of the hardfork is block 12,244,000 for mainnet, block 4,460,644 for Georli Testnet, block 9,812,189 for Ropsten Testnet, and block 8,290,928 for Rinkeby Testnet. That being said, the hardfork is expected to go live in the early hours of April 15, 2021.

A significant percentage of the updates to be introduced in Berlin bothers on gas spending, scalability, and subroutines. Following the update, increased fees will be charged when an account is accessed for the first time.

EIP-2200 will introduce additional gas costs to minimize the risk of DDoS attacks on the Ethereum blockchain. EIP-2930, on the other hand, will usher in a “stateless” Ethereum, as described by Konstantopoulos. The upgrade is an important step in improving the blockchain’s “Layer 1” scalability.

Meanwhile, the much anticipated EIP-1599 upgrade is still expected to launch in July 2021. As reported by BTC PEERS, EIP-1599 is Ethereum’s gas-saving upgrade. The proposal introduces dynamic block sizes and the burning of transactional fees.

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