Ethereum’s founder donates $600k to India’s Covid-19 relief campaign

Ethereum’s founder donates $600k to India’s Covid-19 relief campaign

On April 24, the co-founder of Ethereum’s Polygon Sandeep Nailwal launched a crypto campaign relief for India. The relief is supposed to provide help to the country that has been severely hit by the Covid-19 crises.

Interestingly, Nailwal’s initiative has received a lot of positive responses from the crypto community. Investor Balaji Srinivasan is one of those that have taken an active role in the campaign. Thanks to him, the campaign now accepts donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum, DOGE, Solana, TRON, Ripple, and several others.

Srinivasan has also inspired several other prominent people to donate, including Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Buterin has donated $600,000 to the cause. Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot’s co-founder has also sent $101,000 in Bitcoin to the initiative.

Nailwal revealed that the campaign is being coordinated through a Discord channel with the help of over 200 members, 40 volunteers, and 10 senior positions.

So far, the crypto relief initiative has received $1,314,651 in 280 transactions. According to data from “DeFi Dad,” the breakdown is as follows: 255 in Ethereum, $130,000 in stablecoins, and another $50,000 in MATIC. 36 hours after Buterin’s involvement went public, the fund has received close to $2 million.

According to Polygon’s co-founder, the objective of the campaign is to raise funds to purchase oxygen, food, and Covid-19 vaccines. These items have been in short supply in India.

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