Ethiopia employs Cardano’s blockchain for educational systems management

Ethiopia employs Cardano’s blockchain for educational systems management

The Ethiopian government will be using Cardano blockchain to track the performance of students.

According to Cardano’s parent company IOHK, the country’s government will be utilizing Cardano’s platform to streamline the country’s educational systems management. The partnership targets about five million secondary school teachers and 700,000 teachers. It is being powered by Atala PRISM, a decentralized identity solution.

Using the solution, authorities will be able to roll out a tamper-proof solution that records the educational performance of students and highlights areas and the cases of educational under-achievement. Furthermore, the solution will help to lower cases of fraud in job applications and university entry since employers will be able to verify students’ grades.

Commenting on the partnership, Ethiopia’s minister of education, Getahun Mekuria noted:

This initiative is about bringing technology to improve the quality of education. It’s very practical to think of blockchain technology as a way to improve the quality of education.

In the first year of onboarding, the project targets the addition of all teachers and the 3,500 schools in the country. The second year of onboarding will entail adding all the five million secondary school students.

IOHK is positive that the project could eventually encompass the entire educational system in the country. David Orr, IOHK content creator said:

The goal is teachers and secondary school students, but the probability that this will encompass the entire school system from kindergarten to universities is a very high likelihood, and this will bring even more people into the Cardano ecosystem.

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