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Exodus Announces NFT Marketplace Launch
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Exodus Announces NFT Marketplace Launch

BTC Peers reporter
BTC Peers reporter

The foremost cryptocurrency platform, Exodus, has made public plans to launch an NFT marketplace. The plan is said to include an NFT gallery feature and the integration of Solana NFTs into their mobile application. Where this launch goes as planned, it will be the first native Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace in a mobile wallet.

Users of this NFT marketplace will have some advantage of permitting storage and viewing of NFTs on the Exodus app. In addition, users will also have the opportunity of sending and receiving Solana NFTs all on the Exodus app.

It's been said that the ease of NFT transaction is possible partly because of Exodus' partnership with another foremost Solana NFT marketplace, Magic Eden. Through this partnership, the company is able to offer its users the opportunity to browse through, search and filter NFTs without exiting the Exodus wallet. In addition, users also have the ability to buy and sell NFTs while on the wallet.

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The Solana NFT ecosystem is attractive to Exodus's user base because of its low transaction fees and constant improvement, especially as it currently holds more than 190 projects and new projects are daily making it onboard.

In the announcement made in the early hours of today, Exodus' CEO and co-founder, JP Richardson, commends the company's efforts for being the first to launch an NFT marketplace with user-friendly features. In his words,

"We are the first to offer a native, in-app experience of buying and selling NFTs, all powered by Magic Eden. NFTs are an exciting new opportunity and asset class, and we are eager to help our customers streamline buying, selling, and storing their NFTs as this space continues to grow. In addition, our new NFT Gallery aims to make the world of crypto more accessible to all Exodus customers without leaving their wallets."

Users will have to use SOL to benefit from this opportunity, especially when buying and selling NFTs. Exodus has, however, streamlined the process so that users can receive SOL directly from their wallets and fund their FTX exchange.