Fan Controlled Football Raises $40M, New Team Owners Are NFT Collectors

Fan Controlled Football Raises $40M, New Team Owners Are NFT Collectors
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Fans Controlled Football is a Los Angeles pro football sports league that enables fans to make decisions as regards teams playing live via their smartphones. Using their voting rights offered by their Non-Fungible Token, they call all the plays and vote on each play from diverse plays, and the players would run the plays with the most votes.

This league was originally founded in 2017, but it switched to a novel plan and made its formal debut in February 2021. However, it started with four teams before it increased to eight teams, with the most recent new teams introduced being The Bored Ape Yacht Club and The Gutter Cat Gang. They were to be in charge of their respective NFTs. Other teams that would be joining the FCF’s upcoming nine-week season are those owned by retired NFL stars Tiki and Ronde Barber and musician Steve Aoki.

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During the league’s inaugural season, NFL stars such as Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Austin Ekeler, Dallvin Cook, and rapper Quavo owned teams, and the season garnered 10 million live views on Twitch. As of last month, the league announced its partnership with DAZN for a global broadcast deal, and its new venue in Atlanta would soon be unveiled.

According to the CEO of FCF, Sohrob Farudi, in an interview with GamesBeat,

It has live sports, real players, real coaches, a real league, but it is built for the digital age and the digital fan. Rather than focusing on the in-person experience, we are focusing on the experience for people on mobile and on the web. And we wanted to make it interactive, we wanted to lean into gaming and esports.”

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