Fantom ($FTM) Partners With Chainlink ($LINK) to Give Developers On-chain Randomness

Fantom ($FTM) Partners With Chainlink ($LINK) to Give Developers On-chain Randomness

Fantom, one of the world’s fastest growing blockchain platforms has announced it is working alongside Chainlink ($LINK), the most popular and trusted decentralized oracles provider. Chainlink also expanded their tech to  ensure verifiable randomness, which is now  natively available on Fantom.

Fantom sees thousands of users utilising daily for a variety of purposes, including information security and crypto-currency transactions.

The platform prides itself on completing transactions for investors within just one second, at a fraction of the cost of what other comparable platforms offer.

It’s also fully EVM compatible, giving developers the ability to deploy smart contracts just like on other platforms such as Ethereum.

Some of these smart contracts rely on randomness and unpredictability to ensure security and fairness - something Fantom has been actively aware of since its inception.

Chainlink provides this very ability purpose built for smart contracts, using its Chainlink Verifiable Random Function, or VRF.

Designed according to leading academic research and backed up by multiple security audits and time-tested use by developers, Fantom will be implementing the Chainlink VRF as the recommended random number generator solution for all Fantom developers wanting to utilise it within their applications.

This ease of access opens up a world of possibilities for developers using Fantom, giving developers the ability to leverage the Chainlink VRF to create low-cost gaming, DeFi and NFT offerings that are augmented and protected by randomness.

Put into practice, this gives developers the ability to ensure fair distribution of limited-edition financial assets, random assignment of rare NFT titles, as well as unpredictable in-game scenarios.

While this all may sound like commonsense and seems relatively fool proof, the process to reach this point hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for those attempting to develop a solution.

In fact, random number generation solutions are often subject to large scale manipulation by blockchain miners who use their ability to order transactions at such a large scale as a method of delaying the publication of a random number. This delay can then be used to wait out the system until it produces a figure more favourable to them.

Chainlink’s solution manages to bypass this problem, ensuring a high degree of security by authentication each generation request before providing a result.

The integration of Chainlink’s tool is yet another example of Fantom working hard to ensure the needs and desires of developers utilising the platform are met natively, without reliance on outside third-parties.

For example, Fantom has recently developed a partnership with AnySwap, giving those using the platform for cryptocurrency transactions the ability to diversify their portfolios directly within the Fantom platform.

An agreement of cooperation between SpiritSwap for use on Fantom has also been formulated, with a direct link to accessible directly from it’s website.

Fantom has also shown its belief in supporting developers to strive through monetary means as well, having given grants to SpiritSwap and SpookySwap in recent weeks as a thank-you for ongoing support. ZooCoin and HyperJump also received grants from the company, which were utilised for community giveaways.

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