FantomStarter offers GameFi projects insider access to the Metaverse on Fantom

FantomStarter offers GameFi projects insider access to the Metaverse on Fantom

Blockchain gaming and the growing digital Metaverse are now easier to navigate thanks to FantomStarter.

The digital integration of every facet of modern-day life is nearly complete. Over the past 40 years, the gaming industry has evolved from being an isolated pocket of dedicated individuals developing code out of their garages into a global industry that in 2020 is valued at more than $170 billion.

Now, the next evolution of gaming is upon us thanks to the rise of blockchain technology and the growing Metaverse that is forming around the collective online human experience. After years of being told that playing video games is a waste of time, experiences in the virtual world are shown to be as meaningful and impactful as experiences in the physical world.

The integration of blockchain technology makes it possible to verify ownership of one-of-a-kind digital items in the form of nonfungible tokens (NFT) that enable the assigning of value and the ability to transfer person to person.

As the blockchain gaming industry continues to grow and new users connect wallets for the first time, the high costs associated with engaging with the largest smart contract platform Ethereum has given way to the next generation of protocols capable of higher throughput at lower costs.

One of the most popular of the newer generation protocols that continues to climb the charts in terms of value and active users is Fantom, a network that specializes in offering transactions that cost a fraction of a penny and settle in less than a second.  

It is precisely these factors that make the Fantom network the ideal blockchain for the gaming industry as its theoretically infinite scalability, fast settlement, and low-cost nature suit the needs of a rapidly moving, high transaction industry.

The rapidly growing Fantom ecosystem is home to some of the most popular new decentralized applications (dApps) in decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs, such as Geist Finance and Pumpkittens, and the recent launch of a 370 million FTM incentive program has led to an explosion of interest in launching new protocols on the network.

In an effort to help facilitate the continued growth of the NFT and gaming ecosystem on the Fantom network, FantomStarter has emerged as the first dedicated launchpad on Fantom designed to vet and aid new projects to help them achieve success through its FantomStarter Accelerator Module.

FantomStarter also specializes in helping establish projects on other blockchain networks such as Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon (MATIC) to complete the process of cross-chain integration and migration with Fantom helping to boost game asset values significantly.

With a dedicated team that carefully selects only the best projects with substantial growth potential to go through its accelerator program, FantomStater continues to generate increased interest from both the developer and investor communities looking to get involved in the Fantom ecosystem.

As the community-owned and operated Metaverse continues to grow in the years to come, the emerging decentralized economy promises to level the playing field and allow creators to reach a wide audience without the current system of gatekeepers and middlemen that siphon profits and limit accessibility.

There’s something for everyone on the FantomStarter protocol and all token holders benefit from the rising value of the ecosystem as FS holders get first access to new play-to-earn games via lottery-based allocations for lower-tier holders while higher tiers feature guaranteed allocations.

Once members of the FantomStater community receive their token allocations, the projects will become available to the general public via centralized and decentralized exchange trading.

Future plans for FantomStarter include the integration of governance capabilities for FS holders as well as the launch of an NFT marketplace where FS holders can utilize their tokens to purchase rare NFT Investment Keys that also offer ownership access to IDOs on the launchpad.

The call has now been broadcasted that the future of GameFi is being established on the Fantom network and FantomStarter simplifies the incubation process to ensure that new protocols get the support they need to be successful in the long run.

Whether an aspiring creative or a savvy crypto investor, FantomStarter investment app offers front-row access to a bustling blockchain-based gaming ecosystem and growing cryptocurrency Metaverse. The FS platform is worth exploring as the mass global adoption of blockchain technology continues to unfold. Apply today to get your idea incubated, accelerated, and funded by top talent in the cryptocurrency space. Apply here.

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