Feel Foods Launches Limited Edition NFT Collection Inspired by Plant-Based Influencers

Feel Foods Launches Limited Edition NFT Collection Inspired by Plant-Based Influencers
Photo by Dan Gold / Unsplash

Non-fungible tokens are rare and non-interchangeable units of data usually stored in a digital ledger format on a blockchain. They are related to digital files, including art, music, photos, videos, and audio. These files are often sold and bought with cryptocurrency and are encoded with software similar to that of cryptocurrencies.

Feel Foods NFTs will be granted to customers who purchase Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze products on a Binance powered marketplace for the next 30 days on www.feelfoodsco.com while stock lasts. The company on recognizing the latest trend in digital assets, has spoken through its CEO, David Greenway, who said:

“Feel Foods are not only supporting a plant-based lifestyle for health reasons, for the animals, and the planet but is also embracing the latest in digital trends by introducing this limited line of NFTs inspired by key influencers who are helping to lead the plant-based movement. This plant-based NFT program is designed to reward our customers while honoring influencers for plant-based products that are making a difference in our communities and our planet.”

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About NFTs

NFTs have come into existence since 2014. However, it has garnered more popularity currently as a result of the increase in persons buying and selling digital artwork. This trend led to a massive surge in 2021 because, in the first three months, it was recorded that over $ 200 million worth of NFTs were traded.

About Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze

It is a vegan cheese brand, popularly owned by Feel Foods and was founded in 2017, and produces several unique vegan dairy substitute products at its Okanagan commercial kitchen and R&D facility. Its products are currently offered in grocery stores in select locations in British Columbia.

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