Fei Protocol Rallies 7.72% to $0.8265 After Flat Trading

The data shows that Fei Protocol's FEI token has bounced 7.72% higher over the past hour to $0.8265. Fei has a market cap of $351.24M and saw $977.41K in trading volume the past day.

Over the past 24 hours, FEI is down just 0.27%. The flat trading extends to -0.25% for the week and -0.18% for the month. However, zooming out Fei has declined -18.77% over the last 6 months.

Analyzing the data, Fei Protocol appears to finally be breaking out of its months-long flat trading range between $0.80 and $0.84. The 7.72% surge could suggest bullish momentum is returning after directionless price action.

If FEI can hold above $0.84, it would signal a bullish trend reversal. Next resistance appears around $0.90. Support sits at $0.80 and $0.75. Traders should watch for a volume increase to confirm the breakout.

Overall, while long-term technicals remain bearish, Fei seems poised to rally in the short-term if the breakout sustains. However, significant upside may remain limited without renewed protocol activity and demand growth.

How Can Fei Protocol Better Stabilize FEI's Peg to $1?

As a stablecoin, Fei Protocol aims to maintain FEI's peg to $1 USD. However, FEI has consistently traded below the $1 peg in recent months. Some ways Fei could better stabilize the peg include:

  • Adjusting FEI's mint/burn mechanics to tighten the peg using higher sensitivity
  • Improving demand for FEI loans on its protocol to drive more organic usage
  • Adding FEI pairs on major exchanges to increase volume and arbitrage
  • Implementing protocol-owned liquidity with automated buying/selling to defend the peg
  • Introducing FEI yield opportunities to incentivize holding rather than dumping

Maintaining a stable peg builds confidence and demand for FEI over the long-term. So even if short-term profits suffer, the protocol should prioritize bringing FEI closer to $1 through any means necessary.

Should You Buy FEI Despite Its Below-$1 Peg?

FEI's sustained trading below its $1 peg raises some questions about long-term viability as a stablecoin. However, at under $0.83, FEI offers a substantial discount to fair value if the peg can recover.

Buying FEI under $0.90 could be a favorable risk/reward opportunity if:

  • The team successfully stabilizes FEI closer to $1 by improving mechanics and incentives
  • Demand for decentralized stablecoins rebounds across DeFi
  • Confidence in FEI's maintained peg builds over time if $1 holds
  • FEI finds renewed utility and activity that buoys organic demand

However, failure to meaningfully restore the peg could see FEI continue to languish. Traders should consider sizing positions appropriately given ongoing peg instability risks until major improvements materialize.

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