Fisker Inc Set to Release its Premier NFT Series, Fisker by Hand, titled the OCEAN Concept

Fisker Inc Set to Release its Premier NFT Series, Fisker by Hand, titled the OCEAN Concept
Photo by Teagan Maddux / Unsplash

The news making the rounds in the NFT space is the recent announcement made by Henrik Fisker. Fisker is the co-founder of Fisker Inc, an electric vehicle startup. He is set to launch a top-notch digital art NFTs featuring original pen-on-paper sketches. Interestingly, these sketches were designed by the Founder and Chief Hand Designer, Henrik Fisker himself.

This beautifully designed collection is well crafted and laden with many emotions, and it is set to be auctioned by highly rated personalities and brands, top partner brand pillars of design, innovative brands. Remarkably, about 50% of the proceeds of the auction from Fisker by Hand is in absolute alignment with the charitable ideals and values of ESG. Thus, 50% of these proceeds will be handed over to not-for-profit organizations that are in line with the philanthropic ideals of ESG.

It has been reported that NFTs are set to be auctioned by the FTX.US marketplace. The marketplace intends to employ Solana cryptocurrency on the Solana blockchain. Notably, this Solana blockchain is a proof-of-stake blockchain with little to no environmental impact.

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However, Henrik Fisker recently, in a statement released, noted that this auction is targeted at strengthening the long-term relationship with his customers, admirers, fans, and stakeholders. He noted that he is a car designer of great repute, and he still makes designs with pen on paper, which enables him to create top-notch motion, which leads to emotional lines. Fisker also mentioned that this creates a feeling that it is created by a human being and not a robot.

This auction organized by Fisker will allow the participants to be a part of charitable and philanthropic dealings, and in no distant future, owners of NFT will be allowed to enjoy exclusive invites to attend bespoke events that Fisker organizes.

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