ForestAu green offers 3.69 billion cubic meters of tokenized Amazonian rainforest (DeFi tokens)

ForestAu green offers 3.69 billion cubic meters of tokenized Amazonian rainforest (DeFi tokens)

Humanity is advancing faster than ever before, with new inventions revolutionizing different aspects of our lives, the world, and everything else almost on a daily basis. However, as much as we have achieved, we have yet to solve some of the pressing issues that threaten our very existence.

In our society, there are currently several great fears, with one of them being the future of the environment. Essentially, we are damaging our own house to achieve industrial gains, which is severely impacting our quality of life and home of future generations.

There are now various companies, groups, charities, and alike, that are trying to fight back against the greedy corporations that are destroying the world, and one massive fight is being led right now in the Amazonian Rainforest.

This ancient jungle is being devoured by corporations as we speak. Its importance is undeniable. Located in northern Brazil, it plays an essential role in the planet’s ecosystem. It covers one-third of the world’s tropical forests, and 20% of the entire planet’s freshwater. It is home to thousands of species of plant and animal, making it one of the areas with the greatest biodiversity in the world.

This is why its importance is unquestionable, and why its preservation is essential.

Enter ForestAu Green

As mentioned, there are many who are fighting to preserve the forest, including an Investment Fund known as ForestAu Green LLC that invested in NFT issued by Amazonian native forest farms. The fund, founded by Brazillians, will act as a true protectors and guardians of the Amazonian Forest. However, they registered it in the US, which has a more mature economy and laws, and that is where the company can operate from to achieve the greatest impact.

The ForestAu Green LLC engaged in the acquisition and management digital assets issued by environmental and agricultural farms located in the Amazonia region of Brazil, has acquiring perpetual Environmental Rights to the production output of 4.2 billion cubic meters of Environment by NFTs.

The environmental rights were transferred to the ForestAu Green via purchase of NFT – Non-Fungible Tokens - that are fully created (or inserted) in the Waves blockchain. They represent the Environmental Rights which were transferred to the ForestAu Green management, that will pay royalties to the Brazilian landowner equivalent to the 4 billion and 200 million square meters of selected Amazonia native forest.

The project in question is called Tupan, named after the god creator of forest and human being, Tupã, in the local native people mithology. Each TUPAN is equivalent to One Cubic Meter of Preserved native Forest and each Tupan Token issued by ForestAu Green is a DeFi backed by NFTs.

Purchasing any of these tokens will allow users to help save the Amazonia forest, plus they could view their contribution in real-time through the project’s app, that will be disponible from november.

What Does the Project Hope to Achieve?

According to what is known, the project’s goal is to achieve regeneration through circular bioeconomy and social and environmental impact. Of course, the concept of regeneration is quite broad, and it does more than sustainability itself. However, sustainability is the first step in stopping deforestation, starting reforestation, and regenerating one of the oldest and most valuable biomes on the planet.

Essentially, the project is proposing with the social and environmental bioeconomic balance is a circular regenerative economy. Since the project is tying the economy with preservation of the ecosystem, its goal is to provide superior, consistent, and predictable cash flow growth. This can be done through acquisitions, active management, sustainable harvests, social integrations with forestry sciences, and more.

Over time, the project will grow through selective investments and acquisitions, and be able to continue its fight to preserve this and other endangered but crucial biomes.

ForestAu Green is the issuer of the Tupan Token and is registered and regulated by the US SEC. The project also contributes to the development of a competitive, powerful regional economy, which will lead to the creation of new employment, generating wealth for local community, reduction of poverty, and more.

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