Former CEO creates Asia's first tokenized venture investment fund

Former CEO Stefan Rust is opening a new fund, Sonic Capital, which plans to focus on tokenized venture capital investments. The strategy is to invest in start-ups that use blockchain and tokens to provide business solutions for environmental restoration, preservation and social inclusion. Asia's first tokenized venture capital fund will primarily focus on supporting companies that facilitate the adoption and scale of the carbon credit markets, at the Late Seed and Series A investment phases.

Voluntary carbon credits move beyond regulatory requirements and help finance projects to reduce carbon emissions from a wide variety of activities. Nations and corporations are shifting targets to minimize environmental impact, leading to the expansion of the global carbon market. Despite this movement, the global carbon market will be facing a growing supply-demand gap. Sonic Capital expects the use of tokens and blockchain can alleviate certain constraints and shortfalls of core facilities and systems to support the required growth.

Stefan Rust stated,

Our planet is facing a huge governance and accountability crisis around our environmental and social challenges. Consumers are increasingly demanding action and transparency in the societal and ecological impact of their products. Investors and businesses have a crucial role to play in adopting innovative solutions. The decentralized governance and open source nature of the blockchain can accelerate our trajectory toward eliminating our environmental debt and creating a sustainable future.”

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