Francis Ngannou may have made more from NFTs than he did from the UFC Title fight

Francis Ngannou may have made more from NFTs than he did from the UFC Title fight

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as the latest fad have found a place in the Mixed Martial Art (MMA) market. At sports level, NBA Top Shot, a basketball-themed marketplace has become a major player. Leveraging basketball fandom and blockchain technology.

Newly crowned UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou, before his Title fight partnered with BossLogic to create and distribute a series of NFTs.

Reports from BossLogic reveal that the highest-selling NFT, a package that included tickets to the Champion’s next two fights, autographed gloves, and sand from the sand mine Francis worked back at his home country Cameroon, sold for $284,000. Raising over $581,000 from this NFT, The Predator as he's fondly called according to the PR company behind the drop made more from this NFT than he did fighting Stipe Miocic for the UFC Title, minus win bonus and add-ons.

According to various sources, The UFC Champion made $500,000 (minus bonus and add-ons) from the UFC Title fight, $81,000 less than what was raised from the NFT drop.

With 10% of the proceeds going to The Predator’s MMA foundation in Cameroon, this is substantial proof of the massive and unprecedented power of NFTs to disrupt almost every industry.

In a bid to jump on this craze, athletes and entertainers alike have partnered with various marketplaces to release exclusive content, The Weeknd being one of those.

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