$FTM Value Nears All-time-high Price Thanks to Growing Popularity of Fantom

$FTM Value Nears All-time-high Price Thanks to Growing Popularity of Fantom

With exploding popularity among investors and developers alike, Fantom’s native token $FTM’s price is quickly approaching its record high.

$FTM is expected to soon exceed the price of $1 following weeks of tremendous company growth thanks to recent upgrades and the addition of several notable projects. Meanwhile, Fantom’s total market capitalization is approaching $2 billion.

Fantom’s responsive and affordable blockchain technology is helping developers deploy their contracts and get exciting projects started each and every day. Fantom’s commitment to low transaction fees and lightning fast service is quickly setting it apart from other leading blockchain platforms.

Fantom’s FTM token is available for trading on major exchanges including Binance, gate.io and OKEx Korea.

“We’re witnessing hypergrowth unfold in front of our eyes. In the past few months, network usage has increased exponentially. New developer teams are building dApps every day, and users are joining the network at a pace we haven’t experienced before. It’s great for us to see that people are finally putting to use and enjoying what we’ve been building for years. We believed in creating a game-changing technology, and we’re delivering. While we’re not focused on the price of the token, we take then all-time highs as a sign of appreciation and support from the tens of thousands of users of Fantom” says Michael Kong, CEO of Fantom.

Hundreds of new projects get deployed on Fantom every day

In just a few months, the number of new contracts deployed on Fantom grew from about 300 to more than 2,500 contracts as developers consistently see success with the new platform.

Fantom’s competitive features are helping boost its overall value and overcome the limitations of other blockchain platforms.

Here are just a few exciting projects that have been launched exclusively on Fantom in the past few months:

- SpritSwap is a decentralized exchange on the Fantom Opera Chain that allows coin traders to easily swap between tokens and get guaranteed rates on their swaps.

- Multichain is a cross chain bridge that makes it possible to transfer tokens between Fantom and other major blockchain platforms.

- SpookySwap is an automated market-making decentralized exchange and the first actively traded native Fantom DEX.

Fantom is the fastest blockchain project with exceptionally low fees. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are known for their notoriously high fee and slow transactions.

Fantom continues to attract popular projects from other networks, too

Exciting projects that were developed on other popular networks are coming to Fantom to diversify themselves and enjoy Fantom’s superior transaction experience.

Here are a few examples of recent projects that have come to Fantom and ways to learn more about using them.

- Curve is an automated market maker protocol to swap between stable coins with low slippage. Learn more about using Curve on Fantom here.

- SushiSwap is an automated market-making decentralized exchange. Learn more about using SushiSwap on Fantom here.

- C.R.E.A.M. is a decentralized money market that lets users lend and borrow their assets supported on Fantom. Learn more about using C.R.E.A.M. on Fantom here.

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