FUSE Network CEO talks about a decentralized network for everyone

In a recent interview with AltcoinBuzz, FUSE network CEO Mark Smagon shared his thoughts on the DeFi industry and also talked about the vision of FUSE. While cryptocurrency becomes a powerful innovation that no one can’t ignore, Mark highlighted, compared to crypto, the mobile payment is a stronger trend, particularly with the increase in consumer demand and the bloom of smartphones.

The FUSE network will be a DeFi version of Stripe designed not only for crypto users but also those who aren’t familiar with crypto. Mark also pointed out the importance of having a crypto infrastructure that anyone can easily follow and his network aims to expand to non-developers or mainstream audiences.

According to Mark, VISA, Square, Stripe and even PayPal are the company’s biggest competitors but the CEO believed that the unique business model which is associated with non-custodial technology, and the competitive transaction fee at $0.01 will make the firm an equivalent gamer in the market. FUSE network is focused on mobile asset services like recurring payment or credit insurance, with chargeback reduction.

Mark stated:

The future is definitely for open source financial services because there’s no reason that the payment space would be so fragmented.”

The CEO also revealed the company’s next plan with cash terminals in Spain, music festivals in Thailand and a stablecoin project in Peru, targeting 1000 million transactions and 1000 communities in 2 years.

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