Galaxy Heroes Launches its NFT Marketplace, Reduces Listing Fees by 10X

Galaxy Heroes Launches its NFT Marketplace, Reduces Listing Fees by 10X
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Galaxy Heroes has launched its NFTs marketplace as per a press release on January 10, 2022. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based NFT marketplace is freely accessible to creators and projects that wish to mint cheaply and sell NFTs conveniently.

NFTs Marketplace Launched

Immediately after activation, the second GHC collection of 2500 villains sold out in less than an hour. This sale was preceded by an offer of 2500 randomly generated superheroes. In both cases, acquired NFTs distributed to auction participants had different attributes with varying rarity--and thus value.

Notably, holders of the GHC Collection and Superheroes NFTs can stake their acquisition to earn passive BNB income as they receive rewards from the NFT marketplace's listing and transaction fees. Rewards earned will vary depending on the rarity of the NFT staked. As expected, stakers of rare GHC NFTs will rake in more rewards.

By mid-January 2022, the NFT marketplace continues to gain traction, drawing even more users. There are currently over 100 Heroes from the collection auctioning from between 1 and 100 BNB. Moreover, nearly 350 epic heroes and villains are also listed.

Commenting on the launch, Brian Sumner, the founder of Galaxy Heroes, said:

"Over 100 Heroes from the collection were listed within a few days of the Marketplace's launching, ranging between 1–100 BNB. Days after the NFT marketplace launched, the second GHC collection of villains was released, selling out the 2500 mint collection in less than an hour. The Galaxy Heroes Coin marketplace is now filled with almost 350 epic heroes and villains."

NFT Listing Fees Slashed 10X

The marketplace builds on Galaxy Heroes' user-centric approach explaining the high interest. However, one significant development accompanying the activation of the GHC NFT marketplace is the strategic step taken by the team. Crucially, they slashed the listing cost by 10X from 0.1 BNB to 0.01 BNB. They reasoned that the initial fee of 0.1 BNB was too high and would be counterproductive in developing the NFT marketplace.

Like before, the platform will charge a two percent fee on the successful completion of each sale. Rather than being funneled to the platform's coffers, as is the case in other marketplaces, revenue generated will be used to reward the buyers and collectors of GHC NFTs. Therefore, the activity of the marketplace will directly benefit NFT holders.

Navigation Improvements to Boost User Experience

The launch of the marketplace also saw vital improvements being made to enhance user experience and extend the portal's functionality. For instance, users can quickly navigate and immediately view the items' aesthetics and distinguishing attributes without moving between lists leading to a smooth user experience.

Moreover, the development team introduced a new filter system. Users can search for NFTs based on different criteria, including price and auction type. For example, a filter that sorts existing NFTs from the lowest listing price to the highest would also require users to indicate their preferred range before being confirmed. This is a convenient introduction, saving users hours they would otherwise spend browsing endlessly, scanning listed NFTs.

GHC Token Stand to Benefit

The success of the NFTs marketplace stands to benefit the GHC coin—a community-driven BEP-20 compliant token. It circulates in the BSC network because of its relatively low trading fees. The GHC coin is already listed in over 25 exchanges, including and MEXC Global.

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