Game Developer, AEXLAB Announces the Launch of New AI-generated NFTs

Game Developer, AEXLAB Announces the Launch of New AI-generated NFTs
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AEXLAB, a virtual reality technology and game development studio, introduces its collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in partnership with Metadrop, an NFT drop platform. The NFT assets, named VAILIENS, are algorithmically generated via artificial intelligence and playable in VAIL VR, created by AEXLAB.

In a partnership announced on Tuesday, AEXLAB and Metadrop will be releasing AI-generated 3D VR pet NFTs for players in their upcoming game, VAIL VR. The auction of the NFTs will launch on November 30 and run until December 3rd on Metadrop, allowing players to access unique assets and start gaining utility.

The new NFT collection, VAILIENS, will be launched as a 3D proof of profile pictures (PFPS) that will function as pets in VAIL VR. Each NFT will have a unique and beautiful appearance and rare attributes with an added utility to the VAIL VR game. As mentioned, each NFT will be AI-generated at the time of minting.

These NFTs will give the collector both value and utility by allowing the holders to interact with various in-game features. At first, they will only respond to touch and basic commands. However, their in-game functionality will gradually increase, including participation in combat, races, and other activities.

According to the statement, a total of 13,370 VAILIENS will be released starting November 30. In addition, 1,500 VAILIENS will be reserved for early investors, 1,070 VAILIENS for community incentives (including contest rewards, lottery picks, etc.), and 10,800 will be available for minting via auctions on Metadrop. The NFTs will be sold in 3 English-style auctions across three consecutive days, with each NFT starting at 0.25 ETH (~$1,125).

AEXLAB launched its virtual reality technology and game development studio to create "high fidelity social experiences in virtual reality." AEXLAB's mission is to build a decentralized and privacy-friendly metaverse. Creator tools will be provided for users to generate their own unique 3D VR assets. This will open up the metaverse for the global population allowing users to play, socialize, build and collaborate in the new digitized world.

Once launched, VAILIENS will be activated for play within the VAIL VR game ecosystem. Holders of VAILIENS will enjoy many benefits, including access to VAIL VR Alpha and Beta testing and earning a social club visitor pass that allows you to join a community of players that directly influence the development of the game. In addition, the top 10 bidders on each auction will be awarded VAIL Social Club visitors pass as a bonus.

Additionally, the VAILIENS will introduce extra features after the auction is complete. These features include battles, racing, and the evolution of the NFTs.

In the future, AEXLAB aims to form more partnerships and add more features to its gaming development studio. Additionally, the project will use its technological capabilities to kick down any barriers new NFT holders face when joining the metaverse.

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