GameFi Incubator Platform Now Backed by Enjin and OKX. Secures $2.5 Million Investment

GameFi Incubator Platform Now Backed by Enjin and OKX. Secures $2.5 Million Investment
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Enabling rapid adoption of GameFi and metaverses by accelerating their growth, is a one-stop solution for games, metaverses, players, and guilds. The platform’s potential has been noticed by industry giants. Gaming platform Enjin and leading digital asset exchange OKX (formerly OKeX) have put in a combined $2.5 million in a private seed round to propel to the next level.

Long Term Growth for Industry

While there are several crypto and meta launchpads available today, offers a different approach by abandoning the single most destructive element that many use as a bar for success: token sales volume.

While this is an important part, it is not the absolute one. helps games and metaverse projects by incubating and providing a host of services that leads to the growth of the projects through marketing, guidance, rewards, launchpads, marketplaces, and much more. The alternative approach towards project growth has been a welcome sigh of relief in an industry where token launches are often accompanied by price crashes, taking down even the most potent of projects.

Chief Financial Officer of Enjin, Oscar Franklin explained their decision to back,

“...GameFi, blockchain gaming, and game NFTs without a doubt will be the biggest disrupter to the gaming industry and we are extremely excited to back a company like GamePad that taps into this booming disruptor space. GamePad's unique solutions and first-principles thinking in solving the age-old gamer retention problem will surely bring tremendous value to projects that partner with them."

Dora, Founder of OKX Blockdream Ventures, the investment arm of the crypto exchange was also excited,

“We believe GamePad has the potential to be a game changer in the blockchain space. Their unique solutions to solve retention problems and experienced team with vast connections, will surely create massive value for partnered projects. We will help GamePad to establish in-depth cooperation with more high-quality Gamefi projects in the market, and reach win-win cooperation between the two parties."

Multi-Component, Single Mission is dedicated to the long-term and sustainable growth of GameFi and metaverse projects. To achieve this, it offers a vast array of services, each specifically designed to promote projects that drive up their adoption not only by the industry but by the end-users too.

  • Incubation: Offering the necessary support, tools, and guidance for startups to scale their project and team.
  • Council: Access to the industry veterans and mavericks that make up the team. Their insights and experiences become one with the project.
  • Launchpads and NFT Genesispads: Bringing investors, players, and the projects together for different token and NFT launches, all from one place.
  • Marketing: From social media handling to large-scale promotion, helps in getting the right word out at the right time.
  • Analytics: On-chain data analysis to identify problematic points and develop a strategy to exploit the right opportunities.
  • Rewards: Community development and engagement by designing and offering rewards, including staking.
  • Multichain: Connecting with different chains opens means universal access for players, no matter which blockchain their assets are on.

The slew of features and services by are the result of experiences by the core team in GameFi and insights into what the industry lacks to grow faster, as described by Founder, Eric Su,

"We built after thoroughly understanding the inadequacies of generic launchpads and what GameFi, play to earn and metaverse projects need to become the next Axie Infinity. Together, with our partners -, Okx Blockdream fund, and 20+ other valuable funds and service providers, we envision becoming the Ycombinator of the blockchain-powered experiential products industry."

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